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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

James 1:29 Pure Religion...

Here is a wish list for the Christmas container that is coming.
Lisa’s list is detailed for those who want to find out the nitty gritty of the needs. Kids clothes sizes, kitchen needs ect will go out on email. I will be posting a general list on the blog and pray the LORD opens doors to supply some. Maybe some store is going out of business, or someone has items in their garage taking up space, or someone just has a generous disposition, or a church activity or??? however the LORD works. He is amazing at putting 1+1 and producing 10. The 3 big needs.. Christmas Shoeboxes, Food, Clothing…

Christmas Shoe Boxes-Much needed this year. We will be reaching out to 10 or more ministry locations through this effort. For most of the children it is their only Christmas gift. It has produce fruit that remains each and every year. It is a great way to do a mission project without affecting budgets and gets a direct feedback from those participating… Paul Deem of Directline ministries has a wonderful program set up. He is also the shipper of our containers. Contact him at 1-740-667-6166. Or online at www.directlineministry.com All items will go to him for shipping to Honduras.

Food needed- Anything shelf stable. Canned, dried, sealed, ect. Canned, meat, ham, spam Vienna, veg, fruit ect, dried, pastas, beans, sugar in sealed tubs. Oatmeal, flour in sealed tubs, cereals, regular or number 10 large cans are great. Powdered drinks mixes. Keep in mind our meals 3 times a day are for more than 25 people. That’s 525 meals a week made….and we normally help many other not under our roof.

Clothes Needed- pants, shirts, culottes, skirts, dresses, shoes for the children. Almost any size will fit someone but Lisa’s list has the details. We can make clothes here but need material, prefer strong material but need all kinds. Along with all other related sewing supplies, patterns and equipment.
Quality shoes are hard to get here. We buy so many cheap Chinese made shoes, some only last a week before coming apart. Nothing like the quality sold in the USA. We need black dress boys and girls for school and tennis for other times and sandals work as well. Lots of socks too… I will add the details in a few days of sizes ect.

Please contact Brother Deem to arrange mailing, shipping or possible pick up if he is in your area.

Thank you all we need each and every prayer. This is a major help to us, we would have been hurting very bad last year had food not been shipped. It was and is a true blessing to the Children’s Lighthouse as well as many other outreach ministries… James 1:29.

In 20 years of children's ministries, I have come to learn there are many men in the world… but few fathers… And this is what is meant when God uses the term "fatherless" instead of orphan….

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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