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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lots happening...

We have a lot of things on the burner so to speak. Two weddings in the coming weeks for folks wanting to get right with the LORD. AMEN! Also baptizing in the river near the Children’s Lighthouse, with the whole church, next Sunday. That means a lot of shuttling with the Kia. But Saturday night we will be in the mountains celebrating the church anniversary up there. By request Lisa is a speaker for the Ladies... Pastor Santos visited yesterday to tell me if I had to make a choice of me or Lisa going...they wanted Lisa. She is also making a cake to share with them…as well as the wedding cakes. Sayder’s BD is tomorrow and Patricia’s is next Sunday. And preparing for a container to ship in 3 weeks, trying to find things we need in time to ship.

The La Cruz church had a lack of seats again today because we were full. I was sitting in the back on an old five gallon bucket behind our 22 children. As more entered, our boys gave up their seats too and stood around me in the back. I was the one who started the church and taught the pastor, yet I was sitting in back with a baby on my knee and a dozen children around me as Carlos preached on humility and putting others first... Several of our folks looked back at us during the service and smiled. I believe they were getting more preaching though not from words. Live what you preach or it is as tinkling brass... Our kids remind me of this often. Every time I fail.

Lisa had the outdoor oven going this week making pizza. One tasted like a trip to DQ. Another well… If your light on meat and need a way to save money just let the dog catch a large green lizard, then let the boys kill it, then let the girls clean, gut and flambé it in the outdoor oven. Actually they did it by covering it in oil and it caught fire…Then sprinkled the meat on homemade cheese pizza…Really homemade. Lisa made the sauce from tomatoes, the pizza bread from scratch, even the mozzarella cheese from the raw milk we get. Set the kids down for a bible movie, earthen oven lizard pizza and juice. Welcome to Honduras.
I hit another pothole tonight taking folks home from church and just held my breath hoping nothing was wrong. It did not go flat but I will check it tomorrow for damage.
Sorry no photos struggling with cameras right now… Keep us in prayer we need every one.


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