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Monday, December 6, 2010

Gathered random shots

Here are a few random shots collected from the past weeks. A dinner photo from Thanksgiving, Birthday photos from Korina and Patricia’s days with the cakes Lisa made, including the only photo we have of all the kids at once. Need to make a new family photo when I get a decent camera. Lisa and I collected alot of toys before coming to Honduras through special purchases and donations like toys for tots ect and shipped them more than 5 years ago. But the supply is about out. It has been a great blessing permiting us to do much more than our budget ever allows in so many outreaches. I pray the Lord lays it on someonle else's heart to do something similar.
And a carnival/fair photo on the Farris wheel. We had a small old time carnival pass through our town. After driving by numerous times with multiple kids asking to go, I finally stopped checked the price and let some of the kids try some rides as a reward for helping so much. The little Farris wheel and merry-go-Round had to be more than 60 years old now operating with Isuzu and Toyota diesels engines from wrecked trucks instead of electric motors. As a former mechanic I was intrigued with the merry-go-round… But the multiple welds, re-welds, rebar in place of tempered steal, many temp looking repairs and modifications on an ancient Farris wheel gave me the willies… It did the kids too as the operator throttling the engine and changing gears shifted it into 4th gear for a high speed spin. I never saw one turn so fast. Yikes! The kids screamed closing their eyes and turning down heads, but it wasn’t till they got off they said why they were screaming; the bugs were so thick around the lights when they sped up it was like driving a motorcycle in a bug storm…yuck. At least it was cheap and they had fun :) The videos are from the Baptism a couple of posts ago, and musical chairs from the birthdays, And the church Aniversary up on the Mountain... 2hours of singing before teaching/preaching starts at 8pm... Haven't preached till midnight like Paul yet by maybe one day.

Welcome to Honduras

Without a vision…. Here is a list I posted back in June. I had someone ask recently if we had any needs or projects… so here is a short list...

Future and current project list, big and little.
1. Roof on La Cruz Baptist classrooms $1500 DONE!
2. Build church larger Church in Lenaca $5-7000
3. Build a church building/chapel on Lighthouse property to facilitate a new church plant. $5-7000
4. Build a church building in Colonia (have land) $5-7000
5. Build a church building in San Geronimo. (need land) $10,000 for both
5a. Help dry up church building in StTeresa Currenlty adobe without cement stucco so
each rain washes it away. Also need chairs ect. $1000+
6. Finish classrooms and start a school at the Lighthouse property $5000 plus ongoing expenses for teachers materials ect
7. Build a Laundry room at the Lighthouse $1500
8. Beds/closets for children of the Lighthouse $3-5000 DONE!
9. Clean a field and plant a veggie garden at the Lighthouse 0-$300 fencing ect
10. Finish the retention pond to charge well water Just time and weather and fuel
11. Finish running electric to install meter on lighthouse $1000-1500
12. Build secondary dorm rooms $5000
13. Build a work shed/garage $3000
14. Finish Kitchen at lighthouse, food storage, grill, LP stove, cabinets ect $1000
15. Awning from outside kitchen to dinning hall $500
16. Fix gutters and downspouts( Overflows right at the corner of the foundation and is washing material away) $200 DONE!
17. Build a large concrete water storage tank on the mountain to supply entire property with water and allow us water even when electric is out frequently here. $2000
18. Solar hot water system $500-1000
19. Drill well deeper and case it and add a sediment filter(clogs the washing machine in one day) $5000-10000
20. Finish second floor level at Lighthouse $10,000
21. Need a bus $15000 and will need to replace the 4x4 in the not too distant future.
22. Look for ways to raise current support now and for 50 future children in the Children’s Lighthouse. That’s over $800 per week just in food no including prep, clothes schooling ect… The government would give 50 children to us tomorrow if we said yes. Currently struggle with the $300 a week it costs now just in food…
23. Look for a way to open a feeding center for 150 children 1 meal daily around the Lighthouse property. Approx $3000 per month including help
24. Finish Lighthouse office and library $1000 …in progress Need more lights, fans ect (this is for the children and national pastors/teachers to use)
25. Fence front of property ??
26. Cut a car accessible road on the property ??
27. Repair bathrooms in bodega $200
28. Find way of communication from property (satellite system?) $3500
29. Prepare to collect a food drive and container shipment $5500 DONE for Dec but another due in a few months
30. We need school uniforms and school supplies for 25 children and tuition for 6 by Feb 2011
Almost $4000. This is a huge weight over our head.
This is a short list there are more as the LORD provides.....


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