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Monday, December 20, 2010

I think I can I think I can

We ventured up the mountain this weekend 2 times, from sea level to 3000+ft almost straight up it seemed at times. Both outings were to preach and teach in New Jerusalem Baptist Church in Santa Teresa on Saturday and Sunday. The ladies ministry from La Cruz Baptist offered to go and teach the ladies and teens in the mountain. They also brought food for a time of fellowship. Carlos went with us to preach to the boys. It was a time of blessings all around. The pastor’s family as well, as church members, were finishing leather belts after service so Pastor Augusto would have them Monday to sell in the capitol before Christmas. They make a lot of them to sell to vendors for as little as 50 cents apiece. I was fascinated watching them all work together. This is their year’s income. like bringing in the crops so to speak. They prepare for months getting leather ready and the old pedal sewing machine was going so fast I thought it would start smoking. I watched them the next day finishing up a large batch as I waiting for them so we could get them on a bus.
It was then I had an epiphany. These folks are hard working making items to sell in the market so the pastor and church can keep going. Not asking for a handout which I see so much here. But it would be more profitable if they sold them to churches, bible colleges ect in the USA than a street market in Honduras. The idea was if a bible college or Christian bookstore was selling a specialized bible cover or belt or other item(widget) for a fair price and it had the label the stated. “This item was hand made by a local NT church in a third world country. Your purchase helps sustain them and plant more indigenous churches”.(and orphanages) And it was next to a similar product that just said “made in china”…which would you buy? As I watched, the name and principle that came to me was “All things in Common” out of Acts 4:32 and it is not a far removed principle from Paul teaching in 1 Corinthians 8:13-15 I would like feedback from ministering Saints on this Idea. If it is pleasing to the LORD pray for a door to open.

The rest of the story… The Kia began to make loud screeching drive train noises as we arrived with the Ladies. I was concerned it might not make it back down that night. Instead of using gears I rode the brakes all the way down the mountain, heating them a lot. They got soft but never went out. We made it back to the city and I tried calling around to find another 4x4 to borrow but to no avail. I was committed to the promise of covering Sunday preaching up the mountain the next day. So I loaded the older children in the morning, prayed and headed back up the mountain path. It made it up, and the LORD gave a wonderful service. It is easy to teach those that want to learn. With the lighter load and heavy prayer the kia made it back without a break down, and we got the pastors wife to the bus. Amen. We now need to fix the Kia again (I think transmission) but no time or funds at the moment. It’s the only vehicle we have and it is in use daily. Our Christmas container is enroute and we do not have funds for it once it arrives either. It has cost at least $1000 each time we bring in a container and this time there is additional shipping across the country we must also pay. If we do not pay the fees and final transportation they sell the contents at a government auction and we loose everything. So... much to praise for and much to pray for… But always abounding in the LORD
unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,
Barry Ritchie


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