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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Always abounding

The Lord is always abounding. As usual here in Honduras there is rarely a day that is uneventful in some way. Since our last post many more have heard the gospel, been taught and blessed by the LORD. The kia was back together so we took supplies to Santa Teresa, and play a gospel teaching movie(Really strong message), and fix the solar panel electric system… only to break down again with the kia. This time tore out bushings in the front end, and it also makes new noises that I don’t know what they are yet. It is starting to show its age/abuse after countless trips into the mountains on basically donkey paths. But it always makes it back. Even our camera got tired of all the bouncing around and quit working. Someone said I should buy a military truck… I agree, but I would likely break it too by overloading it.. It would be hard to buy something tougher than the people of Honduras who live in these mountains. Like planting corn on the sides of mountan slopes 60+ degree angles. As I began to write this, Pastor Santos visited in need of help. He and 40 men in his ministry walked a lady down the mountain last night in a hammock/sling to go to the hospital, taking turns carrying her. That is 10+ miles in the dark, rainy night, down a muddy, slick, rocky, mountain to the highway, then got a ride. Senovell Castella needs an emergency appendicitis. They needed 2000 limpiria for the needed meds so the “free” hospital would perform the operation. He was afraid to ask but the need was too great and could not stand to see another member die for the sake of a few dollars, like the teenage did a short while back. I had some money in my wallet to fix the kia but only about 1000 limpira. When I opened my wallet to give him what I had there was 2000 limpiras in it… All I could do was smile and say thank you LORD. I returned inside after a short fellowship with him to do this update and check bank balance for our atm to find our pastor had just made a deposit of $115 which after bank fees is $2000 lempiras… hmmm. We have been here 5 years living this exact way. Living by faith is hard but carries the greatest blessings. Our LORD Jesus through his ministering saints have taught me that lesson repeatedly.

Jenny and Iris have passed their year end exams to graduate. They had lots of things to memorize. So what seemed a lost cause a few month ago has turned to a bright road. Pray they stay on it. Not a lot of “entertainment” here so we make frequent trips to the river swimming hole just down the road from us. Some photos are just too fun not to share.
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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