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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Daily Life in Honduras

Jenny and Iris are readying for their graduation and have numerous “projects” for the school. The director told the kids to sell candy and stuff in school to raise money for the projects; class photos, cement benches for graduating class, diploma paper ect. I asked a basic economic question… If the families are too poor to just give the funds needed for their children, then how would selling candy to the same group raise money? All I got was a look like a deer in headlights.(thats with the teachers) I said you need to sell to folks with funds and sell something they would buy… SO I told the girls to talk to mommi about a bake sale and I will make arrangements with a local store (our version of walmart) to sell out front. Lisa baked her heart out for 2 days making birthday cakes, cookies, spicy breads, brownies ect. The catch was we used all the products sold in the store, so the store promoted it as well on a loud speakers. (as American Made.. Ie made by an american) The moms of 3 of the girls we also helped made Honduran treats, Blanca showed up to help Lisa and the girls. The girls after proding began to give samples and sell. They did not make near as much as Lisa did doing this in the USA for our girls, but it was a large amount by the local school standard. I would not be surprised to see a bakery in the store in the near future. Some folks even asked for Lisa's phone number to ask her to bake things for them and the store thanked them for having the bakes sale there. We also got a local farmer to sell milk to us so Lisa was able to make cheese. As her first product ricotta to fulfill lastyears birthday promise to Jenny about a lasanga dinner, That was made entirely from scratch, home sauce, homemade cheese, homemade pasta... an it was goooood. This morning I got the girls up early (4:30 first light) to load sand at the river to drop off at the school for benches/tables. They thought I would just do it for them…uh nope. They even cleaned the truck afterwards before school…

The fix on the little kia only lasted 2 weeks and the motor locked up on Jr on the way to church Sunday. Not sure what to do about it. We need other transportation but just cant seem to keep anything running. Even the big kia is getting difficult to fix. How many times can you temp fix things before it catches up to you… That’s the condition of most older vehicles here, years of substandard repairs conglomerated into transportation that is frequently broke down. Our camera has bit the dust as well. Just one too many trips up the mountian bouncing around I suppose, or the dust or rain or extensive use. Pictures are important in relaying information from here. So we might be a little light on blog photos for a while.

We had our first tragedy in dogs. Lisa’s little dog got out and the big guard dog thought is was a toy and played with her breaking her leg. Lisa was upset so I called the childrens doctor to see if he would set it… sure, bring it in to the hospital and I’ll take care of it… We are not in the USA… but welcome to Honduras.

Emergency room visit for a 2-lb Chihuahua $26. Peace with Lisa priceless….


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