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Monday, December 13, 2010

Wedding in Honduras

Iglesia Bautista La Cruz had their first wedding in the church building. After much time and many hindrances, the couple, Blanca and Omar, are now officially married under the laws of Honduras. It brought out healthy discussions in the church about many issues that grew the church body. Our ladies ministry did decorations. Carlos did the religious ceremony and we had to have a lawyer do the civil ceremony, which Lisa and I were the official witnesses. (it’s a little different here, only a high up RCC priest is allowed to marry people here without a lawyer.) The couple made their vows one to another then on their knees to God. Several of our children were in the wedding as pillow girls, ring bearer and flower girls. Lisa had promised Blanca she would make a cake, and wow what a cake. It took 60+ eggs and turned out prettier than any store bought I have seen here or states. Even without knowing the colors they matched. Carlos got in some preaching and the dinner after fed more than 200 folks gathered. The church in Colonia Trapeche came down out of respect; and had one church member pass away a just a few hours later. Omar rushed up to help as he could and spent the day after his wedding helping with a funeral. We finished at midnight… but not by preaching, it took that long before they were willing to cut the cake. Amen growing in grace Several more to do in the mountains with folks wanting to be obedient to the LORD Amen. Keep us in prayer, lots to do this month and little to do it all with... But the LORD has always been and will always be faithful.
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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