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Friday, December 3, 2010

Just a note

Just a note of thanks to our praying ministering saints. Our LORD has used you to sustain us here in Honduras time and time again. This month will be busy in ministry. The Christmas shoebox container shipped out today and already one problem; the shipping is only paid to port so we must find someone to drive it across the country to us. The companies contacted want around $600 to make the trip and we must pay it before receiving the container on Jan 8th. That is on top of the “fees” that will be incurred at customs and for the agent to release it.
Pastor Augusto has asked me to fill his pulpit as he goes to the capital's market for 3 weeks to sell the leather items he has been making all year. It is most of his year’s income made in just a few weeks. So I will be making many trips into the mountain this month but the Kia is still "workenbroken" with a makeshift radiator fan and shroud. Lisa is preparing for a wedding on the 11th, and still we are doing all the other ministry as well. Feeding our large crew is just one issue but the outpouring of food in the container will soften that burden for a while. School starts in Feb 1st and that is always a huge trial on finances. Putting 22 children in school with uniforms, shoes, books, tuition, supplies etcetera is a heavy weight and it is always on the heals of the Christmas container customs issues which don’t help. The LORD has made it possible every year, but each year it seems tighter and tighter as our Lighthouse family grows. We still live in a house without a couch, comfortable chair, or regular furniture, phone service, drinkable water and our kids wear their shoes till their toes hang out so bad they stub their toes. Sounds bad but Chinese made shoes here only last a few months in the rain, mud and rocks. We actually went all last year without beds but ministering saints solved that. The truth is we have been here 5 years struggling on one hand, and being bountifully blessed in the other… Yet the blessings cannot be bought for any price. I get handed notes by our children several times a day, these posted were given spontaneously about an hour ago, also hugs frequently, kisses unexpectedly. The lieing, stealing, eating garbage, worldlyness issues we deal with often fade away with each note and hug as each learns a better way. We have seen many trust the LORD in our home, and in the churches, to be a part and allowed to roll away the stone in Christ's miracle, makes every struggle and trial precious stones in the crowns to lay at our LORD’s feet. Thank you LORD Jesus for working through your ministering saints and bless each and every remembrance, prayer, and help toward your servants in Honduras
An unworthy blessed servant to a Worthy Saviour,
Barry Ritchie


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