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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I would like to share a blessing. I have several birthdays to deal with this week and in coming weeks. Lenin and Enrique’s were celebrated yesterday, Bessy’s on Thursday. But in the midst of this we have chosen to celebrate a quencenedia(like a sweet 16 in USA, really big deal traditionally here) for two of our girls but only as a Christian promise day of purity. With Jenny we had talked, it was her idea, but she was not interested in the show side of it, only in the promise before God. If you remember a few weeks ago we did nothing for her birthday, no cake nothing due to funds, and told her to wait on the LORD. She did wait patiently and again the LORD does far above all we ask. The man who manages the gold mine in the mountain came to visit and gave us 2 small gold nuggets for her. Jenny picked them out. I took her to an old fashion jeweler and he set them on gold earring studs surrounded by a gold hearts he made and put a ruby in the center. Why? I gave Jenny the nickname my heart years ago and the pure gold in it was to remind her to keep her heart pure before the LORD, and if she did her price would be far above rubies…She was clearly shaken when we did this. She has promised to do so and not only that, but to save them to give and teach her daughter. (in 10-20 years I added in laughter). On the way home she went silent in the truck. I thought she was mad at me or something. As we pulled in to the house she said papi no one has ever given me anything like this or loved me like you do…and tears welted up for both of us. As we took them inside she went to her bedroom to get a letter of prayer she wrote. This is her prayer and vow to the LORD. A far cry from where we came from with her…

Alba has been doing well so far and has told Lisa she want to help her little sister like we did with Jenny’s sister. It is a far more difficult situation but I told her to pray about it, because this would open many wounds both old and new. I told her I would pray too but I would support and help in any way.
Our trip up the mountain was postponed because the truck was being repared so next week.. we heard up again, only to have Pastor Enemesio ask us to Los Tererros for Friday.
To our ministering saints, As you see I need every prayer and I waste not a one…Thank you.

Jenny’s promise her words from her heart and her decision to do so…Amen!

Querido Dios yo se que te he fallado en algunas cosas y que necesito algo para reparar mis problemas te pido perdòn por todo lo que no he hecho bien. Perdoname y ayudame aseguir adelante, y a ovedecer tus mandamientos mejor. Pero Señor, yo te prometo poner todo mi esfuerzo para lograr la meta que busca, y la meta que tu tienes preparade para mi. Padre Celestial, mis padres me daran algo muy especial y con mucho amor y valor pero con esto yo te pometo estar lista y preparada para el dia de mañana y te prometo esperar para mi esposo y darle mi corazòn a papi y mami, hasta que ellos me digan esto es bueno o malo aceptar y abedecere a mis padres y en todo y en primer lugar te obedecere a ti. Gracias por entendereme y enseñarme màs de tu palabro en el nombre a Jesus Amen.


Dear God I know I have failed in some things and I need something to fix my problems. I apologize for everything that I have not done well. Forgive me and help me gain sufficient assurance on, and obey your commandments better. But Lord, I promise to put all my effort to achieve the goal you seek, and that you have prepared a goal for me. Heavenly Father, my parents have given me something very special with lots of love and value. With this treasure I promise I will be ready and prepared for the day tomorrow (wedding day) and I promise to wait for my husband. And my heart I give to mommy and daddy until they I say this is good or bad, and obey and accept my parents. But first of all I will obey you. Thanks for the understanding and teaching of your Word,
in Jesus name Amen.


At October 24, 2010 at 1:38 PM, Blogger Sherryl said...

Praise the Lord! What a testimony from a young LADY.


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