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Monday, October 18, 2010


I want to thank those of you who pray for us. We have many needs but prayer is frequently our lifeline. We have been in Honduras 5 years and could not make it without prayer from afar interceding on our behalf. Thank you. With help from ministering saints the kia was repaired. A little welding, finding of parts, making due with other, and presto its on the road… for a day before the alternator died. It too is now being fixed. I was a highly certified ase master mechanic for 20 years… but still I am amazed watching Hondurans rebuild almost anything with nothing. We used to have this talent in the USA but seem to have shelved it for expediency and profit. Rewire an alternator with stripped wiring, a machette and sticks cut from the tree on the street while sitting on a rock. We plan on going up the mountain for a teaching/outreach tomorrow and Sunday, hope it works. The last time I ended up pulling out a bus near the bottom that was stuck…and giving most of the passengers a ride back to the top and needing to fix the kia afterwards Will be taking supplies to Santa Teresia this time. Had a long visit with pastor Augusto yesterday. Very fruitful fellowship.

Alba has returned for a trial time that may be permanent. It is in her hands to do right or not. She has made some very poor choices that will take time to heal and maybe a lifetime to pay for and wants to try to walk right. Amen. The least I can do is help, some of us only learn the hard way it seems. Please pray. Strangely, the last 2 days even with all the issues around me, I was allowed to sleep all night and awake praying with tears in thanksgiving to the LORD. Everyday for 5 months the LORD has awakened me at 3 am to pray with a heavy heart. And for the last years prayer has been a time of burdens. Yesterday and today was different AMEN!

Lisa is getting better spiritually, even though the burden is more and sickness seems to be frequent, her spirit is better and she always does more than her share. She is prepping for a bake sale for the school to raise funds for the end of the year activities. I went with Jenny and Iris to ask permission to sell out front of some big stores in the city. It will be another learning experience for them.

After fighting with the kia and charging the battery Sunday we arrived a little late to church. To find there were not enough chairs…That was a treat to come to church where there is standing room only so to speak… Amen. In reality all problems are blessings from the LORD if we just accept them, and allow the LORD to be Glorified through them.

True thanksgiving comes only with the expectation of nothing... It is the connection between mercy and grace.
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,

Barry Ritchie


At October 19, 2010 at 10:21 AM, Blogger Rick Schworer said...

Hey brother, great site! I agree with you about how resourcefull people can be in a third world country. I spent two years on the mission field in Papua New Guinea and I still remember how out of the box people think over there. Their backwards on a lot of things, but they are resourcefull!


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