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Monday, October 11, 2010

Life is Real

Had a rough weekend. I had promised to take corn and supplies to Ven a Mi Baptist Church in Lenaca (Pastor Santos). We met his daughter in town Saturday and loaded 4000lbs up to go. The road was almost non-existent, following the hard rains. People were hurting because of a lack of supplies up there. It was a very long, rough climb in 4wd. When we returned back down the kia was making noise and so was my neck and back and everything was covered in mud. The truck overheated as I pulled into the Lighthouse property. I found a fan housing had broken loose and broke up in the fan. Barry Jr and I wired it together enough to work temporarily. Need to find a new one but things get worse. As I left for church Sunday morning, I pulled onto the highway and heard a loud clank but saw nothing. Made it to church and returned home only to see oil all over the driveway. We did not make it back to church and I tried taking it to a shop in town only to have the rear end come apart and lock breaking the differential/axle housing…Not going to be a cheap fix this time. So now it is very difficult to move the family around, get food or anything. Plus the water pump is still out at the Lighthouse making it even more difficult to just make it through a day.

Sunday night service, which we missed, was also a problem.

The 18yr old niece of Carlos and Luz living in the adjacent house committed suicide during church hours; they got the call during church. She had been in rebellion for a while, not listening to her mom, grandparents or Carlos and Luz. Her live in boyfriend of 3 years had been beating her. Her words to everyone in the recent past had an eerily familiar meaning, “I’m and adult, its my life, I want to live my life my way, I just want to be free and have fun”. Why do young people think running from God ordained authority, from the ones who love and sacrifice for them is freedom? Satan has a secret way into almost everyone 12-25 years old it seems.

And just to add a little icing to the cake we have had a rash of people coming onto the property. Sat night 3 men were seen on the property after midnight by neighbors. That same night the girls heard men outside their window. Laydi was and is very scared to the point of throwing up. Today Toño took the horse and camera to look around and saw more than 20 people in the back of the property cutting down our fruit trees. When Jr confronted them they laughed and said what are you going to do about it...So when I have a vehicle and can bring the police out we have pictures to start looking for them...hmmm.
Life is so real here, but then so are the principles and truths in the Bible.


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