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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A cool drink of water to keep running the race

Just a few things to share. A call from the child court on the first. I now know the real reason we got the last three children, because of the 10yr old sister. She is now in court and someone may go to jail. They asked if we would take her too. Even sick in bed Lisa said yes, so in the next few days when court is over we will take in another sexually abused child...

Went to the base of the mountain with pastor Enemesio today to pick up a small horse for the kids. A Los Tererros church member basically gave him to us and rode him down. After a little work we got him in the Kia and went to the Lighthouse. This fulfills a promise I made to Toño on his birthday to replace the horse we lost. This one is trained, he has been taking loads up to Los Tererros for more than a year and came with some gear. Toño already mounted him and he will be great for the property easily scouting out the property and moving stuff.

Lisa is just getting over scarlet fever. She went to the doctor a few days ago and got shots and put on antibiotics. She still gets sick easily yet keeps on keeping on.

I got stranded in the city tonight waiting on parts for the big Kia. So I was unable to pick up the kids for church. I walked to church and had a great service that was almost full on Wednesday, even without my family. Several former members in attendance and after hard preaching they went forward wanting to repent and come back…amen!

Our water pump at the Lighthouse has been out for a week now. Just not enough to fix it and do everything else. Each time we get a deposit it goes to more pressing things like food or drinking water, electric. Jr has learned a way to direct start the pump, but must leave lines open so it does not trip or burn up the pump too. So for now we turn it on, flush the toilets and fill all we can for an hour them use that to wash with. Each kid gets a bucket to bathe in and we fill the washer with buckets. One more pain in the neck but works.

Yesterday was Yeni’s 15th birthday but we were unable to do anything for her. The 15th is a very big deal in Honduras. She was good about it. I had asked her what she wanted, at first she said nothing, only after a little pressing she just said something real and not fake or cheap toys. I am working on a special gift for her if it all comes together it will be something for her to hand down to her children. She knows about it because she overheard me talking on the phone about it. Since Toño was patient and it paid off, she has chosen the same path…amen.

I find more pleasure in hearing a spontaneous "Im sorry" with tears and a hug from one of our Lighthouse children than all the laughter they can make.... Because it means they just moved a little closer to my LORD. Amen! I received this blessing 2x from different older children... Its a cool drink of water to a laboring servant...Thank you Lord

I need these cool drinks, because just the rare few minutes I get seeing the economic news in the USA or about how millions were raised for candidate a or b politician can realy be depressing. Then we go to the atm 2-3x to see if there are funds to feed our brood, and usually withdraw every dollar when there is… God knows just the time for the cool water and the true value of labor to be remembered amen!
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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