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Thursday, October 31, 2013

In everything give thanks...

Been one of those kind of days. Ended well but kinda shakey along the way. Got word from those involved in the water well drilling, it was ago for today. Amen! Drilling a new hole for a new 400 foot well. The machine would be here at 10am... it was not. I had planed on rushing to town to p/u drinking water and a few quick errands but was interuped by a couple of uninvited guests. Family of one of our kids came asking for help and caused heartache to the child here... So I was not able to rush to town...At the time appointed anyway. The time for the rig came and went and the visitors had not left and I was trying not to be rude but trying to get them to leave. During this time Marc Antonio had tried to call and could not get through(because I did not have my phone, because I was occupied with "guests", so he decided to drive out here on the motorcycle). He blew a front tire at highway speed and wrecked. He was laying in the ditch calling and finally got Jr. who rushed out. Jr arrived as the ambulance was leaving, but retrieved the motorcycle. It was nervous couple of hours because the Drs would not tell us anything or let us or his wife see him. So no one knew how bad he was. Then suddenly he walks out of the hospital and greets everyone. Sewn up, bad road rash on every "corner", back, front, top, and bottom, and stiches on his chin, but ok. Just very sore. As I took him home. His only worry was if he was going to be able to hand out tracts tomorrow at the city cemetery as he does every year (thousands of them). It is the day of the dead and thousands put flowers on graves. You know, the other part of Halloween. It makes for great witnessing time because they are all thinking about death. His "costume" is automatic, kinda looks like a mummy. But I think his plan "b" is better. Another pastor and son will relieve him. I also learned he witnessed to the ambulance emt the whole trip and the worker stayed with him at the hospital to hear more... but in the end was not ready to make a decision for Christ. Went and got all the meds and bandages he needed, now time to fix his motorcycle... again. Almost lost the back wheel a few weeks ago when bearings let go...  The drill rig arrived while I was out and they waited for me to know where to drill. We had to trim trees and take down power lines to fit the rig, but it has begun a hole just before sunset. And all of this after chasing folks off the property that keep cutting down our trees.. dozens. Jr's thumb is starting to heal but still looks bad. Amazing how little one can do without an opposing digit. Marc Antonio has a good habit that many question him about. He firmly believes in everything give thanks... And when he prays and people hear him give thanks for trials... it opens up yet more opportunities. Amen. 1Th 5:18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.


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