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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

PMBC Final days work..

PMBC last full work day. Lots of work done this week and the building is near half up. At the end of the day we had the men help bag up 200lbs of rice and beans along with a J/R and an invite to the church. The plan is to distribute them tomorrow and walk the barrio around the church. Amen!

On a side note. Last Sunday.
 We have an very frail elderly couple in their 80s(maybe 90s by now)
that we pick up for church each time we visit the mountain. When we visit the church with the kia it is the only time they are able to attend church.(another reason I wish Marc Antonio had a 3 wheel Motorcycle) We baptised them a few years ago. On the way home the truck was full, mothers and babies in the back sea...t and all the americans piled in the back with a bunch of extra riders needing rides to town, so there was only one single seat for the elderly couple and she had to sit on his lap. Oh the romance and jokes as we went down the road with them were hilarious. Missed a great photo op. A real rooster crowing (given as a tithe to the pastor) in the back seat and another 80+ year old one in the front seat. And it all started with my comment as we helped them load up...├»ts not uncomfortable its romantic.. then they got frisky.... and the peanut gallery in the back seat only made it worse. Like "Watch out Sarah was 90" ect. Guess you had to be there. But sweet and beautiful to watch an 80+ year old couple blush and laugh and joke that way as we took them back to their little mud shack...


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