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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Still going up

Photos from friday. Very windy and with near 3000lbs of church roof mounted on the roof of the kia, made for an interesting float all over the road ride. Had to buy cement just to balance the load. The wind folded the 2 clear laminates backward so now have to buy 2 more. But we are ready when the walls are ready in a week or two. The walls are more than halfway past the windows as of today. The pila water seems to stay green now... hmm wonder why? (one of the group here jumped in all sweaty... and neigborhood kids have been swimming in it after we go home... :)

The American group is likely stateside now and we are back to our normal helpers. With the group here, no one put out smoking pots to chase mosquitos away... No need they were swarming to the group of fresh frosty blood, likely to cool off. But now that they are gone,... I drive in Thursday morning and see them putting smoke out to chase them away... I had to laugh. While I was dropping off the group at the bus station, the authorities were dropping off another child... Meet Julio. He was with us for a brief time a couple of years ago, but family in another city wanted him, only to abandon him later. The authorities ended up with him again and asked him where he wanted to live... with papi, meaning me. Hmm kinda hard to say no.


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