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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wing and a prayer

Not sure why but it has been a very hard task completing this church project. It has drained us in so many ways. It has been more like building the Children's Lighthouse years ago. And things in far away places make it harder, like US weather canceling church services, closing banks, slow mail and giving down ect. We always fly to the limit of the gas we have with no reserve. Like today, No money left in bank, no food left in house and not enough fuel left in truck (not incl many others issues in dire need). Had enough fuel to pick up the men working and return them, but no extra. I called our home church pastor and asked him to make a special trip to the city. He had to dig himself out, drive to the city and hope the post office and banks were open and that there was a deposit to make. There was a small one, enough for 3-4 days food. Because of an error, he had to make it in 2 smaller deposits which kept the bank from holding most of the funds. Amen! I check funds available and Lisa goes to buy food (ie extra trip to town). She returns empty of fuel. I load up materials, equipment, and men and try to coast back to town. Had to call my sister in The USA to put enough fuel in the Kia just to get home. Weee...I always say when the LORD returns or calls me home I want to be spent/used up leaving nothing not given to Him. Amen! Side note--
(True story) I know of a pilot who was to deliver a small plane (Piper Tri Pacer) From the USA to Ecuador back in the 1960s. When he got to Honduras the decision was made to fly the last leg straight down over the pacific ocean rather than country jump. The plane had no instruments except a stick on compass and an oil light, it also needed 50 gal more fuel capacity to fly the distance over open ocean. So he strapped a 55 gal barrel in the front seat with a hand pump in it. He ran a hose out to the fuel tank in the wing and tied it in. The plan was fly and pump fuel as he thought he needed. He thought no problem with 5 extra gal to spare. He made it, just barely on fumes, and more luck than skill with the compass. He arrived drenched in sweat, though the plane was cold, and empty of fuel and empty of prayers. The last leg of his trip was even worse. He took off in low clouds surrounded by tall mountains. He could not climb out of the cloud cover fast enough and did not know where the mountains were. He got confused in direction and flight angle of the plane. In other words he could be flying right into the ground or level into the mountain, he did not know. He did something very hard to do. Let go of the controls, power down the engine, and let the plane fly it's slowest natural level way. He stuck his head out hoping for a hint of the ground in time to react, it worked, as the wheels began clipping tree tops, he was able to keep them in view and followed the conture of the mountain back down to the runway and land. Lived to try again the next day. That reminds me much of ministry in Honduras. Wing and a prayer.


At March 10, 2014 at 8:11 PM, Blogger nancy carlson said...

Give me gas in my Ford
Keep me trucking for the Lord,
Give me gas in my Ford, I pray.


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