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Friday, January 31, 2014

Empty glass...

Photo from Wend. The cross is in the peak of the roof so it is begining to look like a church building. The policemen at the police check point nearby said they would stop in once we were having services. Struggling to keep the ball rolling on construction, still need 250 blocks, so many other things in need. The family has sacrificed much in the last couple of months to build. (Willingly) But some things still need to go forward, like school. Our school year started monday. Well it was suppose to start this monday but we posponed it because we were not ready. There are government deadlines to meet, kids to feed, churches to attend too ect..Still not sure what to do with Enemsio's Motorcycle,  or many other things. Just waiting on the LORD to make a way. Hopefully in a few more weeks the extra drain will lighten, but more likely just move to the next load. A long month for finances. Had some encouraging calls though. A man very experienced with addictions offered to come and train our church members. Just let him know when and he will fly down to help. Big encouragment, and just before talking with him I connected with a ministering saint offering to help with seed money to start a foundation on the reabilitation center. Wow. It seems the LORD is opening doors. Dont know when but know they will. Will need a lot more help, but it has been a huge comfort to know it is the LORD's doing. I can testify of numerious occasions how I have had $10 in my pocket and a large, expensive, consuming burden in front of me to do for the LORD. Then find the LORD supplying the needs to finish the task weeks, months, or even years later; only to reach in my pocket and find $10 there when the task was done. Amen The LORD is good. Whenever the LORD calls me home, I know I will have drank a full glass of life and little will be left in the cup.


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