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Thursday, February 6, 2014


   A few photos from today. The church is nearing time for a roof. Should be ready by sat or Monday plus a few days to harden then put on the roof in plenty of time for rainy season. Still much to do, window security bars(no windows here) and doors and finish the septic and bathrooms, fence ect. we were out of funds in Jan. always amazing watching the LORD work. In June we will be having a visiting evangelistic eyeglass clinic team here. The kia is not doing so good. Ran good for 2 months, but overheated the other night and has continued to do so. Will need to take the motor apart yet again... The kia is needful and ministry almost stops without it, but it is eating every extra dollar that comes our way. The kia is our 4wd dump truck, tow truck, school bus, water hauler, transit bus for visiting groups, grocery getter, ambulance, hearse, daily driver, ministry outreach hauler, generator, and my office most of the time. Sometimes all of these in the same day... 
   Got word a ministering Saint wants to help purchase a motorcycle for one of our pastors AMEN! Will be posting later about that. Anyone else want to help a pastor be more efective spreading the Word? Could really use several more, and at least two being the 3 wheel kind. (Ie double as mini bus routes when in the mountains).
   Had a ta-da moment yesterday, for the first(hopefully last) time I slipped and fell getting out of the shower. As I lay there hurting yet thankful because it could of been much worse.(head just missed the tub as I fell between the toilet and tub). Like a slimmy wet glob slipping around trying to get up. Even in pain I had to laugh, wanting one of those help lifeline buttons. You know "Help! Ive fallen and I cant get up" commercials. Still feeling it today... I am no longer getting old, I arrived a while back.  Need prayer for the obvious. Souls, provision, health and transport. Thank You...  


At March 10, 2014 at 10:38 PM, Blogger nancy carlson said...

That's a cool 'bus'! How much do they cost?
I had an overheating problem with the Honda oncet. Turned out to be a faulty radiator cap! And it had been to the mechanic with no diagnosis. A lady in AK diagnosed it for me over the phone. She had the same problem oncet. (Don't you like that extra 't'??)
God being the good God that he is, kept the heads from warpping, which was very helpful. But by the time I discovered what the problem was, the radiator was leaking. I didn't have the money, and had to call out from my brand new job, so no likelihood of getting more very soon. I told the boss I would have to quit, since I couldn't afford to fix the car, and couldn't very well drive 35 miles one way with the car overheating within 5 miles.
Well, Lord, evidently I didn't need that job... But please help me get this car fixed!
No car might as well be a death sentence!
A redneck relation (son's father's neice's husband) has a shop, and was willing to replace the radiator for a decent price. I just needed money...And that job!
Within a day or two, in the mail a check for a little more than the work would cost! I wasn't expecting any money, so it was obviously God! Thanks Lord!


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