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Friday, February 7, 2014

2 Minute Limit...

Photos from today. Kia getting worse like last time, getting hotter quicker. Had an "emergency" that required a run into town. Turned out not to be. But used it to pick up a few needed blocks we were lacking. As I returned, I was trying to  keep temps down in kia and was a bit of a rush to shut it off. The kids ran out to open the gate. Gate opened and bounced back closed as I was entering and I clipped it. Bending it. Jr to the rescue and he was able to straighten it to a functional level with tie straps. Need to make a new one. Kind of rusty so no great loss, just another need on the long list. The women living across from the church ran out to help unload the blocks, putting 3 on their heads. I watched them walk up the road the other day carrying a 2 liter pepsi on their head hands free. I've seen worse but that has to be hard to do. I took Jr's wife with me to town, on the emergency that wasn't, and learned something about Jr. :) Did you know if you are in a hurry to dry your freshly cleaned wet underwear you must take them out of the microwave every 2 minutes and air them out or else they burn holes in them? I learned something today. Not that I would not do it, just never occurred to me or had the need to do so. Why did this come up in conversation? Because one of the kids who went to town with us had only wet clean shirts, so we dried it hanging it out the window on the way to town. It was sunny and near 100...
 Was able to get materials to start the Bible Institute up again for the second year in one of our mountain churches. They have 10 young men continuing it starting today. Amen! The church building in San Geronimo will be ready for roofing on Tues. Need kia to hold out. I think we will be baptizing there at the end of the month in one of the first services. Amen! Ojos de Agua wants me to go there as well to baptize, but need kia running right for that long of a distance. Lisa and the kids finished painting the sidwalks for different games for the kids and they are getting good use. Keep us in prayer please.
Thank You


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