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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Beyond control

Wee... Was hoping the kia would hold out till friday so we could get the roof on the church. It did not. Been babying it for water temp, need to pull the motor apart again for a head gasket. Picked up Pedro and his tools to do the roof. Got to the church building and worked all day returned to our house drop of equipment and take the men home. Did not make it. The rear end locked up. I managed to get it across town to the machine shop/mechanic place by putting it in 4wd and dragging the rear end. Lots of stares but secure for the night. Not sure how to fix the situation. Needs a rear end to move, and we need it to continue the church. No funds to do so. I have all of Pedro's tools so he cannot work elsewhere since we will not be working on the church (he does not drove or have a car). And we still must pay the Gov to start school. Was suppose to be the 1st of Feb. Add to this Julie tried to ride a neighbors bike down our stairs...and did not make it. Fell and scraped up her face . Need to pick up some meds for it but that too is difficult. And many more more minor situations as well... Need prayer, like always, it is all beyond my control.
(Added) No water this morning from our new well. Pump not kicking in. Not sure yet. And no cell service because the new president decreed all cell service close to jails to terminate. Have had a rash of jail sponsored murders by cell phones.  I guess we share a tower...


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