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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When saw we thee?.... and.

Pondering an idea that is very, very needful here. A place to rehabilitate men with addictions and re introduce men to society from prison. Something like a full hands on committed RU program. We have a property in the city that is small, undeveloped but would work. What we need most is funding to construct, staffing and the correct wisdom to run such a place. The main goal is to win them to Christ, and make servants to the LORD out of them. Way too many questions at the moment just fact finding and studying for feasibility right now. Prayer, input, and even promises of help in funding should such a program begin,if it is started, it would be great in determining what we should or could do. Please private chat me any pertinent information you might be willing to share.

Since arriving here we have dealt with daily drunks on our doorstep, drowning in the river sleeping in the church, in the streets ect. The police do little with them, there are no real government social programs here and I have yet to talk to anyone who said it should not be done, even if it only helps a few. Some of our men who preach were once drunks in the street. Another side note. One of our men who was saved a few years ago was the only licensed liquor manufacture in our state/province (only one license allowed) It had been in his family for multiple generations and they had gotten wealthy by it.After salvation he came under conviction to close the family business and did so. It has been a terrible time of testing. He has had death threats and went into hiding for a time. He has been offered near 2 million dollars to sell the license to a brewery and has refused because he wants no part of allowing it to continue or gain from liquor. And it has cost him everything. He lost his home, car, company, deliver trucks, income, everything and even his wife's small shop the bank took to pay debts left from the decision. He and his family had to move up north to live with relatives. All because of a conviction of heart and what he saw in the streets here daily...
Not sure if or when or how... just sure there is a great need I see...


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