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Monday, January 27, 2014


A few random photos from the weekend. The church building by Monday will have the tie beam cemented in above the windows. Couple more weeks till roof. As I was driving i saw the spirit of entrepreneurism is alive in Honduras,.. by necessity. Not a bad thing. Watching boys go door to door selling the nicest fruit or vegetables they could find in the market, then bag them up and make a markup for the convenience and quality to your door. We still get our windows washed with gas fillup. Reminds me of the 1950s in the USA...had I been there. But also saw more drunks passed out in various locations too. Long bank lines out to the street to get in. The banks here handle most public transactions. Employees of government and large companies collect their pay directly from the bank, not the company. Also to pay a utility or tax ect you get a bill from utility ect then go to bank to pay and return with receipt to verify the link to account.. Eliminates fraud and theft but makes it a pain in the neck to do regular banking if you go on the wrong day. And lastly the kids painting a hopscotch on the cement to play later....
Went to the men's meeting in one of our churches Thursday night. Started at 6pm and went to 9:30. A time of business, lesson and question and answer time and good fellowship I also shared about my thoughts on a center for addictions and one of the men asked if he could help. Just so happens he is an older man saved out of the same kind of life and has done our bible institute. So far there has only been one hinderence... $$. But that has never stopped us on all the other things we dont have the money for either...The LORD has a funny way of making things happen by our thinking. Amen. The photo is progress on the church as of today the concrete above the windows going in. And one of the surviving orphaned Great dane puppies.... With a pink pacifier. I think the girls are tired of all night every couple of hour feedings....

Pastor Enemesio wrecked his motorcycle. He was on the main highway coming home in the dark. The voltage system is 6volt(ie not bright lights). A car coming toward him had new style bright lights and blinded him and he clipped a bicylist that had no lights. Cyclist and bike are fine, but Enemsio took a tumble required stitches on arms, elbows and knees and the motorcycle is going to cost half the value of a new one to get it road worthy again. Never mind the fact it already had a cracked motor from the last wreck years ago and oil is held in with silicone. I am glad that was all it was considering he is 66years old. He used to ride his bicycle 33km up 2200foot elevation to preach 2x a week. He needs another motorcycle to keep him preaching in the mountians. The new chineses ones still run $1200-1500 depending. Real names like Yamaha cost 3-4x that. Truth be told I could put to good use several chinese motorcycles in ministry, needs on every front. It would help greatly to spread the good news. The Motorcycle below costs about $1200. Our neighbor has a new one for sale.
One of our churches just baptized in the ocean this sunday and we are planning for more in the 2 churches near us in Feb. Maybe after we get the roof on the one church building. As I took church folks home after church I saw many more drunks. I was talking to one who wanted to wipe a dirty rag on my windshield for a few cents. I have dealt with him on several occasions and he is the one in the photo sleeping in the street. He would be a good canidate for an in house program for addiction. Sometimes it is not addiction as much as an escape from their reality... Change the reality. 

 Pastor Renee almost got wiped out on his bicycle going to the church. A motorcycle was speeding by and blew a front tire. The driver lost control and the passenger, driver and motorcycle tumbled right at Renee. He managed to duck and swerve, avoiding impact. He then did cpr to get the driver breathing and flag down a car to rush them to the hospital.
We have several Bible institute student that want to continue with more training and schooling. They are looking for work that allows them to help family, live on and still go to school. It is a hard balance. Need prayer on many fronts, Spiritual, Provisional, Health and Harvest. Our fields are white and we need labourers, we are training, some but the need is great. We are always constrained.
(added)- Monday we went to the mountain village of Las Uvas and did an outreach. Mark Antonio preached a short pointed message and 2 women and a man trusted the LORD. Amen. Long night getting back home but worth it. Amen.


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