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Monday, March 3, 2014


Finally got Pastor Enemesio a motorcycle. We had a ministering saint offer to buy one. When funds arrived we gave the man whom we had talked to the funds to get one, and waited and waited. He gave several excuses and then said the price was more ect. We wanted our money back which also took a while. A little at a time. I was worried we had lost it. Was not looking forward to explaining that to a sacrificing ministering saint... After that ordeal we opted to deal with those less, uh... suspicious. Jr found a slightly smaller cc bike that was just a bit more money... than we planned from the Yamaha dealer. They only had one. It was also a real Japan bike not a made in china for Yamaha like most are here. We gathered funds and waited till the Lord would supply. He did so we did. Went early this morning to buy it only to find our purchasing papers not in order. Spent all day at the tax office running back and forth to town just to make sure our rtn card was registered...(all large sales must be registered even if cash) Then go back to the dealer and buy a motorcycle and take it to Enemesio. It is very economical and very reliable. Should run 8-10 years without issue... if we can keep him out of the ditches. Amen! Now we need a few more for several other pastors and upcoming preachers. Would make things alot easier to minister and spread the gospel. It is roughly $1500 for a motorcycle depending on the need.


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