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Monday, March 10, 2014

Go Jump in a River...

Sometimes you just have to go jump in the river. The kids have worked hard last week and I just wanted to take them someplace to release some energy before school today. At their request I loaded every kid and the babies in the Kia and drove out east to the big bridge and drove down to the river parked and let them play. Nice safe and fun place at the moment.. In a few weeks it might be 20 feet deep rushing river here. Still having issue with the Kia. Starts, runs, not over heating or smoking, but 30-50mph is max speed without a load. It is a headache to drive. We have an offer to help purchase a vehicle. But much more is needeed. Not sure what we should aim for or do, just know we need to do something.
Talking with Marc Antonio Friday was interesting. The previous week his church folks saw a total of 6 adults come to Christ out visiting in a neighboring village. And 30 since beginning the new outreach. As he began, he says with disappointment in his voice. "We only saw 3 people trust the LORD today." He continued talking but I missed the next 30-60 seconds of the conversation stuck on one word... "only?" I asked him to repeat what he said and again I stopped on "only?" like a bad dvd... I thought it was quite the blessing...

The men from La Cruz have been working with and preaching to some addicted men for more than 2 months. Friday 3 finally came forward for salvation and want to go to church...Amen... And on the way back from town something let go in the kia... Jr was able to checking it, and replace belts to get food and pick up folks for church this past Sunday... In everything give thanks...AMEN.


At March 10, 2014 at 7:57 PM, Blogger nancy carlson said...

The water must be warm. Can't do that in AK!
And I totally agree about the 'only'... May the Lord keep any of those 'only' people from hearing such a thing!


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