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Monday, March 17, 2014

As the LORD allows...

 Was able to put some security bars, screens and doors on the back building of the San Geranimo church. Now they can store chairs and such and have someone sleep there for security. Still need to put security bars and doors on the main building, run water and electric and finish the outhouse and fence... As the LORD allows.

Talked with MarcAntonio. Great response for yet another week to their outreach soul winning. 5 more souls trusting. But most are too far to walk to the church.(walking is normal here) A 3wheeled motorcycle would do wonders filling the church up. Three shuttled runs 30-40 more attending, also another trike in St Teresa. The chinese ones run about $2500 here. As the LORD allows

Saturday met with our pastor in Ojos de Agua and 2 more trusted the LORD and a property was donated to build a church right on the road into the village. It is steeply inclined(everything there is) So needs a retention wall built with stairs on the front. Will cost about $1500 in materials. Needs 1000 blocks ect. Then level the hill behind wall, pack it and build a building to meet in. Amen! As the LORD allows.

The Kia has been acting up again so I have been looking for ideas. ONE.. Buy a bus, much needed but limited use and costly to drive. TWO.. Buy another kia, multiuse daily driver, but costly to purchase . Just cannot seem to get there and  it is a limited people mover. Or THREE.. For half as much, buy a small used box truck. Then Jr and I would retrofit it to haul several interchangable beds that dump and slide off. Stake side flatbed, dump body and modify a small bus body for 30+ people. Already have most of what is needed. Still limits daily driving some but fills all the other ministry needs in construction, and people moving. Need wisdom and provision. As the LORD allows.
Been looking for several years for a rechargable portable speaker systems to use in various churches.(Available here). We were given an old one for one church but couldn't found another. When it rains or by the highway or a large group it is almost impossible to hear preaching. The pa makes it much easier to understand. Finally found one nicer than I had wanted. Cordless mics, MP3, chip ready. Problem? $200 each.... As the LORD allows. Amen!

We had another inspection by the UN backed rights of the children. They now oversee all children's activities in Honduras since January. They are visiting all facilities who care for kids in some way. They came with a psychologist and interviewed the kids. The psychologist was a 21yr old lady who was pregnant, without a husband. She seemed to do well with the kids after a bit. A few kids clammed at first fearing they might take them away.  Hopefully she will file a good report. We are to get a copy in a couple of weeks. Took the whole day to talk to them all. All I could do was wonder about the wisdom in all this. They did not talk to us at all about anything. Getting tired of inspections, but as the LORD allows...

I also got word we lost a great supporter due to finances stateside. Cannot seem to get ahead in support here, gain one-lose one. But as the LORD has done time and time again He keeps caring for us. We had a special offering come in that covered the difference. It has happened that way every month for 8 years. Never abundance, never lack always sufficient... As the LORD allows. AMEN! 


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Don't you just love Watchin' God??


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