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Sunday, March 2, 2014

MOVING... really moving, bringing the house down moving

What a day. Start by waking at 3:30am with a 6.2 earthquake centered just 10 km from us, and the church was even more moving than that. The first official service in the new building at San Geranimo. The church from the Lighthouse also went as well as some bible students. It required packing the kia with people over and over, making 14 legs of the trip to get everyone to the church, then to the river, then back home. Sweet watching near 100 people gather on the river bank and sing hymns like "I have decided to Follow Jesus". Pastor Augusto Baptized, One of our Bible student preached a strong message and 11 folks passed through the waters. Amen! Pastor Augusto and the Bible students broke down on the Motorcyles on the way down, But Jr managed to get them working again around 8pm. Had to install a new carb and chain and gears. Made for a long expensive day, buying carbs, buying pizza and fuel ect. But it was worth it all....Amen


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