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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

As the LORD allows, ...take 2...

Addition to previous post, Was talking to one of our mountain pastors this morning, he was almost in tears describing a struggle. He is still in a difficult living situation. Last year I shared their water supply  was cut off when a neighbor's grandson took ownership of an adjacent property to whom the grandfather had given an arrangement to share a well. He revoked that usage though it had been the norm and in place for many years. Trying not to fight about it we helped the pastor purchase rights to a well much farther from his house. They then hand dug the well. But one must cross various properties to retrieve water. It has turned in to a one sided feud with the well being contaminated with dead animals several times and the direct egress from their house to the well and to the road not permitted. (Like having to leave your home out the back go throught the woods a half a mile to your car parked in the next neighborhood over and doing the same to get all your water) Very labor intensive to dig the well and near as much to clean it. There is a clean public well near the church and a small part of the church property not currently used. I told him to pray that the LORD would open a door and we might build a small parsonage on the church property. Making it small without cost of door, windows, plumbing or kitchen would cost about $2500. But would add peace to a family in a ongoing struggle mostly because he is a baptist preacher unwanted by a few.. He is the pastor who took in 2 children from church members who died of aids and is raising them as his own. What we said in parting?  As the LORD allows...Amen!


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