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Monday, August 30, 2010

Plans just keep us busy.. so God can work.

After living in Honduras I often think it is futile to plan things for they rarely go according to the plan. We had scheduled for the La Cruz church to go up the mountain to support the Church in St Teresa, Pastor Augusto. But days of rain, a broken bus and a death of a church member have a way of constraining us. The bus driver called at 5pm Saturday to say he would not risk his bus going up there and his other bus was broken. I loaded up all the kids and supplies and headed to La Cruz to take as many as we could in the Kia, Then Pastor Augusto called and warned the road washed out in several places and the river crossing was gone plus and a church member died of septicemia in the night, so they were canceling services too. So as all La Cruz Baptist Church had gather early in the morning to go, it was obviously time to postpone. Instead, we had a sunrise service and church was over before it would normally start. On the way home to the Lighthouse the sun came out and the rain stopped. I got there and instead of unloading the kia, I chose to load it more with things to take up the mountain to lighten our load next time. I took blocks and wood for benches to sit on, candy for children’s day, Bibles, hymnals, Tracts, solar panels ect. I thought If we cant make it we just come back. Then loaded a few kids to help and off we went. Up the shorter, steep, less traveled route, straight up the ridge of the mountain. 3000 plus foot climb on a path not much wider than the truck, cliffs on both sides at times, washed out and slick from the rain, but what a view. I thought the view from Los Terreros was beautiful… this was even more so. One side looking deep into Nicaragua, the other looking down at the whole Choluteca plain. Even overlooking the Lighthouse property mountain(hill).
The little Kia chugged up and did not spin a tire in any ruts, but it is now obvious it needs new u-joints, they were creaking under the strain. We arrived to find the pastor also was having services because of the sun. He asked me to preach, 3 hands raised and I gave them to the pastor, afterwards it was a good time of fellowship. It started with just a few folks, but when others found out an american was there to preach, more showed up carrying chairs from there homes to sit on. Some were at the home of the man who died still mourning, but came to hear. The pastor was happy to give me the belts we asked him make for the boys. He puts food on his table by doing leather work. The quality was just like the store bought belts I was surprised. I would like to put in lights like we did in the other mountain churches running off a battery and solar panels. I have the panels, but cant afford the battery wiring and lights at the moment. When we can, Jr wants to return to help install them.
We returned in time to make our 3 service of the day back in LaCruz. Jenny(Yeni) had practiced a song with Patricia, Katheryn and Karen to sing in Church. It tickled by heart, God works in mysterious ways. Amen! Sorry it is so short but it took almost 2 hours to upload that much.
Lisa, Blanca and Yeni repainted the castle bed for the girls room and moved it from the city. Karina wanted to sleep in it and it was fitting since she also wanted to go to church in a princes dress. The photo tell alot.
The 6 other children we planned to pu today, well... Drive to Choluteca to find it is postponed till tomorrow...hmm... Amen! Always in need of prayer...
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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