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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moved with compassion...

Just a few brief praises and prayer requests. We had a surprise visit from child services today. It went well. The new southern Honduras boss wanted to see us. They were so impressed they stayed for 4 hours and helped Lisa cook and ate with us. They also want to bring the Honduran President’s wife down to visit us. (She is the head of Infha Child services)… They left then returned a few minutes later to ask us to take a 14yr old girl no-one else would take. She was with Infa visiting us and when they drove away she asked if she could live with us. Her name is “Lady”. She was picked up on the streets in Tegu.. Thankfully they talked to Lisa first so I’m not at fault this time :) I will share more as we learn more and she is comfortable with us. This first night she opened up some, but seemed a little overwhelmed. Never lived in a house with water, or sufficient food or a father, or a bible or? She has never finished the first grade, so we have work to do. The director said schools will not accept her so just try to teach her a trade…. so we now have 21 + 3 more on the way. They gave us papers for the last 3 children and we found out as usual the info we had was wrong. Elder’s name is Elmer, Ashley’s name is Aslyn and they are all younger than we thought by a year. Both dads are addicted to drugs and the mom works the streets… A story repeated many times here. Aslyn is a beautiful baby and very intelligent. She picks up on complex ideas quickly and figures out problems without help. I am dumfounded why/how a mom would abandoned children for a man… But the bible is clear in saying “in the last days without natural affection” and is more prevailing each year

I took Iris to the doctor tonight to confirm she has dengue fever so she is miserable. We also need to do aids tests on the last 9 children to enter the house when funds allow. We confirmed that Patricia’s dad died of aids and had a child with a 12 yr old girl and the baby died of aids complications as well…And her 14yr old aunt (in the blog photo Aug 8th 2010) whom we visited is now with infa because she was “working” too. I suspected that during our visit there by her actions, but it was confirmed to me today. So as we learn more about the children and their families, it is prudent to continue as we have with the rest and check.

. A statement I find is true… Many men have families… but few families have fathers… I told the Infa Director this and she copied it down to use later

Alway in need of prayer... and a few to listen to the Holy Spirit

Unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,


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