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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

When it rains it …means we get wet.

We picked up 3 of the 6 children yesterday. Jose 8, Elder 6, Ashley 3. Jenny, Toño, Kerinna went with me to pick them up. But only after having to fix the Kia AND Tow the datsun. Monday I took the kids to the river again. Its at a perfect flow and it is close, the kids enjoy it and best of all free. I joked with the children as it began to rain I don’t want to go swimming in the river while its raining I’ll get wet… The kids prevailed. Supper time Lisa called and time to go, only to have the Kia break down returning. We made it back, but lost the alt/fan belt, broke a pulley, drive shaft u-joint let go, and the speedometer sensor broke off…all in less than a mile. Finally, returning to the Lighthouse with all the kids, to find the electric cut on the bodega…which controls our well pump no showers. Wee. Since no one is living in the bodega near the road, we have not got a bill… ops. Barry and I took the old Datsun Tuesday to town to try to take care of things. Had to find an old electric bill and go find out what was owed. (we have to hook the power lines back up ourselves) Also take the drive shaft and look for belts, and return to fix Kia before going back to town to pick up the new children. On the way back the datsun broke down. The only thing left running was the 4wheeler, Talk to Police at the checkpoint then Jr went to the Lighthouse to drive it back and we towed the datsun back with the 4 wheeler down the highway. Did a temp fix on the Kia then left to pick up children to find only 3 ready. The other 3 would be the next day. Returned to the Lighthouse Tono took over care of fitting the two boys into our family, and Jenny instantly adopted Ashley as her little sister and began babying her and taking care of her. To the point her own little sister felt a little slighted. I was tired and sat in front of a fan when Kerinna came in climbed up and laid across my chest looking me eyeball to eyeball. With the most serious look. I asked “are you sad?” “Yes a little.” I knew why so I began to explain love is like seeds the more you plant the more you have, you should be happy Jenny is planting seeds. It’s not like candy that you give away and have no more… She then said “Will you get me a little sister too?” I had to laugh. Iris has already laid claim to the next little one that comes into the house. When I left this morning to write this blog, it was the first time Ashley cried then went limp in Lisa’s arms…it tugged at my heart. I picker her up for a hug and she sprang back to life...only to do it again as I drove off. Now to go pick up the other 3 children…
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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