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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Long Days and Short Nights...

Long days and short nights for the three visiting preachers… and us. Went to Santa Teresa yesterday but the KIA 4x4 would not engage(needs repair). We made it but it was rough.. Don’t need 4wd just more speed! Which worries Brother Worley, I think he has learned to just close his eyes and pray, but he keeps asking “How do you get this 6 foot wide vehicle through these 5 foot spaces?”. And torrential rains that followed us up hindered the solar panel install. Brother Robert and Jr got the lights up in the church making it the only light on a hill. Brother Seth preached a good message and got a few stirred up with his illustrations. After dark we headed down and even I was worried about a few spots we had to cross after the hard rains. One washout ravine was dangerous with a cliff on one side. I paused a moment and almost took the boards from the back to make a bridge but a heavy throttle allowed the Kia to cross up and straddle it. Had I missed it would have went down a cliff. A mile or so later I was driving a narrow slippery ridge almost balancing the kia and the back end sliding sideways. Brother Worley commented, “You got a washed out ditch on this side” I said “Yes but I have a 300 foot cliff on this side and I would rather slide into the ditch than fall off the cliff”…He agreed. All the while the children are in the back singing hymns at the top of their lungs and Seth and Bob ard learning many ways they should not bang their heads. They both complained of sore heads and rears this morning.
Today we preached in another large public school in one of the worst neighborhoods. Brother Randolph preached well and hands were up all around. Brother Worley got the chance to hand out tracts and John and Romans and got mobbed. That charged his 70 year old battery and got him excited. Pictures are worth a thousand words they say but being here to experiencing it is a large volume book with lots of photos…
After the school we went to the military base to preach. Brother Randolph preached a double header and did great. A few minutes in, the main military colonel came in, shook my hand and sat down to listen. He was one of the 3 that trusted the Lord as Saviour. Amen!
Lisa made the cupcakes to share and fellowship after...needless to say they went over very well.

Tomorrow we head back to the mountain for a school and church meeting. Pray we can do all that needs to be done. We are always loaded with burdens…
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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