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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just another day...

The 3 American preachers have now left after a last hurrah. Friday we were suppose to preach at a public school in the mountain and Pastor Santos church, but rain, flat tires, and a non working 4wd made us late in getting up there. So we missed preaching in the school because all the students had already gone. But the teacher still wanted me and jr to look at the solar system they have to see if we could get it working. Jr translated very well for Brother Phil in church and Seth gathered a crowd making balloon animals. As we sat to preach the bats flew in seeking a dry place to perch…and no one gave them any attention, like a normal visitor entering to listen. Bats in mosquito country are welcome friends. Saturday we divided and preached in 3 different locations. I taught in the public school of our kids with a soul winning video and handed out Bibles to all the students since it was national Bible day. 80% of the students are from catholic homes. Our children had arranged for me to do this (then asked me) and did not tell the teacher what I was going to play or teach… They wanted their school friends to see the video and trust the LORD. Amen for the effort, but the steam blew out and our kids were a little disappointed as the school director dismissed everyone because of rain at the most critical time in the lesson… prayer. So its in the LORD hands as always. Randolph went with Omar to Trapeche and Phil and Seth with Carlos to San Geronimo. Brother Randolph found out what it was like to ride like a real Honduran in the back of an uncovered truck in the rain (someone keep my bible dry please!). Then Sunday finish preaching in La Cruz. As usually nothing goes according to plan…with a tropical storm billowing overhead. Monday drive up to Tegu with lots of washed out placed in the road, even more dangerous at night. But in all it was a good visit. We have Lisa and 6 children sick today. Barry Jr took the preachers back to the hotel one night when I was tired. Hard rains, defrosters not working right, and a little lack of attention…well, he backed out of the hotel and hit a car. So on top of all other expenses, I now must fix a big dent in the door of the car of lady living across the street from the hotel. After dropping the pastors off I took the kia in for repair. Replace broken door handles hard to get in or out without those. Fix the 4wd, ps and idler pulley that quit or broke this week. Finally arrive home to find the well pump also not working, so no water….water, water everywhere, but none to drink…or shower in, or was dishes or flush or… weeee.

Welcome to just another day in Honduras.
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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