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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Childrens Day and the Old Watering Hole

An eventful week to say the least. National Children’s day is a big holiday in Honduras. Since we have so many, not just in our home, but in the various churches and school we always are called upon to help. Lisa was up till 2am baking for the school and we were all up late for days making gift bags to hand out in the churches and school. Each one got some candy, tracts, and a trinket toy, plus played a gospel movie and set up the bounce house. The newest church in Santa Teresa was very satisfied.
Barry jr had worked on the datsun distributor to get it going for the men to preach in Trapeche. It had been down for more than a week due to lack of funds. But he found used electrical parts and got it running. On the way up the motor came apart making a big hole in the block. So R.I.P for the old datsun, it has been taking men to preach in the mountain for 2+ years. Not sure what to do just cannot be in enough places at the same time with the kia. La Cruz took what Lisa and the kids did, amplified it and made it a big day with lots of visitors. The Ladies ministry cooked and fed everyone. Carlos preached a tough pointed message to the parents, particularly the fathers. With all the extra work, Lisa came down sick Friday and is still fighting it Wednesday. In an attempt to give her rest Sunday I took the kids to the river “watering hole” and let them play again between services. It is close, free and the children enjoy it. It started raining and I told the kids to get out of the rain before they get wet…some obeyed.. for a moment till they though…but we are wet.

To make matters difficult what little funds we had in the bank got messed up. With a holiday in the USA consecutive with a holiday in Honduras banking can be a challenge. Then have the ATM machine not give funds but deduct them from the USA account…Go inside and complain and have the bank say try it again…and it happens again. Ops now no funds avail even at another atm and the bank only says sorry. So it self corrects in 7-10 days but all the while we do not have access to funds…wee welcome to a little idiosyncrasy of 3rd world missions. With all this going on we postponed Julies BD, though she did get prayered for in church.
Thanks for the prayers, Iris has recovered from dengue.
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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