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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sometimes pictures are the only way to share it

Seth Buckner is visiting us here from Texas. He is a representative for the Fellowship Tract League and has come to Honduras again. I think to charge his battery on tract distribution. He also brought a couple of preacher friends to witness Honduras first hand. Phil Worley is a veteran evangelist of more than 60 years experience. After he preached even he was a little taken back by it all. The other pastor Robert Randolph began to hand out Books of John and ended up trampled. Literally, he tripped as they all pressed him from every side and fell down. He was like a giant piñata that was on the ground being stripped of its candy. How often do you get to see folks yearning to receive a tract or a John/Romans. We preached our first location at a public middle school with 800+ students present. It was a hard to deal with, large group with little control, but many hearts were open. The hands went up all around desiring salvation.

Tomorrow we will go to Santa Teresa and install lights to run off a battery and solar panel, then preach a service afterward. As I was driving through town today looking for the lights I needed I saw a clearance on a motorcycle. A new Chinese motorcycle that would work in the mountains for $750 plus tax. I instantly thought of Pastor Santos. It would help him and his family greatly. Allow him to get to the city anytime and do visitation much easier. I went on visitation with him once in the mountain…and could only walk with pain for a month afterwards. When his wife was sick a couple of years ago, he walked all the way down to my house starting at 3 am and arrived around 10am drenched in sweat, just so that I would go up and bring her to the hospital.

We are in need of churches to contact Brother Paul Deem about sending shelf stable food for the Children's Lighthouse Home and about Christmas Shoeboxes. There is a great need for both.

DIRECTLINE MINISTRIES click here for a link or call 740 667 6166 in Coolville Oh
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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