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Monday, September 29, 2008

Bible Day

Sunday was a national “Bible day”. Like last year we chose to make it a day for the whole church to go visiting during the regular church service time and have the service an hour later…surprise. Ok not really but this year it was pouring rain, the tent was flooded, everyone was wet and cold and we thought about postponing the visitation part….till 2 mormons walked by. After the song we were singing at the time(“ I want to work for the LORD” ) nearly everyone went visiting. 2 cases of John and Romans were passed out and a teen group of girls brought 12 visitors back in the rain. An adult group brought 11 visitors. The tent had nearly 140 folks (about 50 visitors) huddled together hiding from the rain. Carlos preached at the top of his lungs screaming over the sound of the rain. Standing in ankle deep mud for invitational prayer, yet 5 visiting souls came forward for salvation. Amen Blessed are the feet...

Last week we had friends visiting (Andy and Connie) for a wonderful time of fellowship, fun and rest for the family. It was Lisa’s first week back on her feet. It was good for Lisa to have an old friend to pal around with. The week was highlighted by a trip to Tiger island with all of us. 22 people loaded up in the 6 passenger kia and headed out to the Colio dock, rented a boat and spent the day letting the kids swim and ate fresh fish and shrimp. At the end of the day we “explored” (is it exploring if it has stairs to get in?) a cave filled with bats and waves crashing in. In our bravado Andy, me and the older kids went all the way through and circumvented the ocean side perimeter and everyone was thrashed against the sharp rocks and got bravado wounds…or proof of stupidity in the gene pool. Julie and I jumped in the ocean to end the hurt, the other kids climbed the rocks and Andy and Iris returned the way we came, everyone paid a price for their chosen path. Lisa nursed all the cuts and scrapes once we were all home…weee.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fingers, Fun and Friends

Julie’s birthday was this week, She got a special present, a broken finger at school. Another child slammed a metal door on her hand. Thankfully a ministering saint had sent a little extra so Lisa could visit the doctor so off they went. The doctor checked them both over, set Julies finger and reconfirmed Lisa’s long struggle with pneumonia. He said the strains here are resistant to the normal prescribed oral antibiotics US doctors use, and prescribed Injectable antibiotics and oral breathing meds. So I have been mixing and giving her the shots all this week and she has improved. She hates the shots and says they are extremely painful, and the meds make her feel like she had 40 cups of coffee. Yesterday was her first full day out of bed in weeks, though very tiring.

This week was the national holiday of Children’s Day, followed Monday by the Honduras Independence Day. Lots of parades ect. I found piñatas for $2 each and picked them up for the 5 church ministries in which we are working, Plus one for Julies Birthday along with the kids first candied apples, so sticky it almost glue their mouths shut. So every church was able to have a special children’s time and invitation. The Fountain of Life Baptist, Ven a Mi Baptist and La Cruz Baptist ladies made food and fed near 150 at each location.

Sasha met a missionary couple (Gutierrez Family)at college who work in Tegu a few hours away. We got in contact with them and they came down to visit with some of their church members on Independence day. Some of our church folks also came out to the Children’s Lighthouse property for a day of food, fun and fellowship. Eat some food, sit in the hammocks, play some games, pulled out the train and bounce house ect. They got wiped by our heat down here on the gulf. So I took several down to the river to get cooled off. In all a very enjoyable day...That Lisa was able to participate in Amen!
unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour

Barry Ritchie

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just another day...

Just another day in just another week. So what is a typical week of events in Honduras.

You can do about anything in Honduras, it just takes a little more effort than elsewhere. Last sunday it rained as we put up the tent and we had to splash water up to rinse the mud off the tent (or it drops on Bibles and clothes) then dig drains for the water to drain out of the tent. Even raining, two Sundays in a row, 3 teen boys have tried to rob our house during church set up/breakdown time. Last week I followed them all the way to their neighborhood thinking we gave them a scare. Evidently not, because they tried entering again today and scared Iris to tears for 30 minutes. It is only because of our kids, church folks, and our teen boys in church that thwarted the attempts. Our kids recognized them from their old neighborhood so I went to their home and visited their parents and gave a stern warning.

The boys ministry met again yesterday. First I preached then they worked on the “fast” go-cart and got it running. (hasn’t run in 3-4 years since it was broken in a vbs in the USA) I think the boys believe the throttle is an off on switch. The grass was wet from the storms and it slid like a tube on ice and they were thrilled. Three have “battle wounds” from pushing and carrying a go-cart with a hot exhaust. Definitely out of the norm here, boys and go-carts. But the fun was universal.

The Ladies ministry met after for a good service and fellowship helping decide tasks for the national children’s day.

And the men and a few teens went to preach in Colonia (Fountain of Life Baptist Church) with the Datsun. It had been broke down all week and we finally got it charging and timed, aired up a leaking tire and off they went. The rain caused them to meet in a home. After church they found the truck was stuck in the soft mud. So the church folks lined up to push…well actually one man, the ladies and children pushed…the other men watched and laughed….Carlos saw a new sermon illustration that will sure will come out in a week or so. Uhoh. Amen! A few miles down the mountain, Omar drove to one side crossing the creek to let a bus pass and plop, dropped the wheels off the rocks. Omar and Kevin swam underneath with the little scissor jack and piled rocks under the wheels, working 2 hours get it out.

Lisa is still under the weather, been weeks. Thankfully the girls have been filling the gap giving her more rest. Ministering saints sent extra funds so we were able to purchase food for the house this week. This past month was leaner than most and it had been a while. Had it not been for the little left over relief food sent last year, we could have been in trouble. But as we have seen for over 20 years in ministry, the LORD has always supplied as we need it, not before and never late. The growing family has never missed a meal yet; in my weakness, I just wonder where the next one is coming from. And the raven always comes, Amen!

Thank you all for every remembrance and prayer

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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