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Sunday, May 22, 2011

No Greater Joy than to hear my children walk in truth..

Few shots of the service today. Had no electric most of the day. So the pa system went out just as we needed it. Lite drizzling rain as well, but still a good crowd, only after a long wait again... have to work on that at some point but more pressing issues first. Was asked if two other churches could join our services... not sure what that means if anything just yet if anything. It's an open tent all are welcome to listen to good ol preaching. We already have a few regulars. Lots to teach and do again. Just like all the others church plants each one unique but in truth all in need of the same things...

The photo is of Karen on my shoulder. One of the other children was playing with my phone and snap..keeper. The children we have keep me going. Without them I would have run out of strengh long ago. They seem intuitive as to when I need a boost. Got a note from Iris, Enrique, Lenin and Korina today. I am posting Korina's. If you can read spanish please do. Suffice to say she ends it with I Love You and 1 John 1:4 no greater joy than to hear my children walk in truth. Such wisdom for an 11 year old. She has no idea of the issues and burdens that were weighing me down today. But the LORD gave her just the right things to say to lighten the load and give hope...

It was Lisa's birthday today and she got some of her medical tests back... which say needs more tests. She will be returning to Honduras the 29th. Still no options on dental work. Need lots of prayer on every front. Personal, finances, work, health, ect please leave no stone unturned...we need it. Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We'Work Till....

Great day today. Managed to get the well pump out and reinstalled last night and we have water without another major expense. The first sunday service turned out well. Ended up with 75 showing up after a bit of a wait. Came time for the service to start and only 3 young girls had showed up. Pastor Augusto was about to change his message when the older man from across the street began to come across the road and slowly for the next 30 minutes the neigborhood came. 75 in all. With a few teen boys outside the gate all service cutting up. Between them and the bus and trucks passing it was difficult to hear a few times but the message fell on soft ears. It was a little surprising to see a few folks for they had given us difficulty in the past year. Most were from a catholic background. The preaching went long and only a few children left because they need to go to the catholic meeting... but most stayed. The older man across the street stood for a testamony that was basicly, "its about time we started a church", but in a good way. The girls sang their song but were a little timid seeing all the eyes on them. Jenny got out of her public appearance shell and helped with music. Even Alba and her mom rode a bus out to attend. Afterwards Alba asked me to pray with her privately. It was sweet. Near the end of service, we asked again who wants to come back thursday for more bible study...all hands went up. So I believe we have begun. Now time to teach, win and grow them. AMEN! I think a church building is going to be needed in short order though. The fields are still white in Honduras so the time is not yet to quit or go be called home... We'll work till Jesus comes...

Friday, May 13, 2011

Counting the costs...

Had our first service in the Lighthouse Property for reaching the neighborhood. An hour before we start the rains came
hard; then nigh fell black without a moon; Then the power went out before the first person arrived. Scrambling to make it work while Jr is off picking our two high school kids up from school. Got a lamp hooked up to the kia and headlights shining in the back. Real cozy like in our 10x 30 space. Yet amazingly 30+ people showed up. Walking from up to a mile away in the pouring rain and dark. It was our lighthouse kids that have been pushing to start. They invited friends and families to come from the school. Just like when we started La Crus Baptist... In the rain and dark shining the only light in the area. Jr arrives and does a quick rewire on the building to hook up a generator and presto a few lights. The only photo was while everyone was still arriving as I tried to get lights up and running. All this for 3 adults hands and several children for salvation. Amen! I asked who wanted to have a second service on Sunday and all hands went up. So our next service is Sunday at 2pm. OK service is over its 9pm, time to get the kids home and shut down and get them fed and bathed for school. But no electric, no water, no cell services, no fan to sleep with..and it hot and very humid. Weee. Next day still out and no water. When electric did come on we found our new pump might have burned up from low voltage...again. Sooo tomm we will pull the pump out of the well, again... What does it cost you to go to church?

Wanted to add this clip of the girls practicing a song for church. I caught them on the cell phone so its poor quality. If they would have know I was recording I would have got nothing so it is what it is. I like it just turn the volume up.. AMEN. Patricia, Julie, Corinna, Kathryn and Jenny guiding GIRLS SING Just click here

Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Baptisms

Been a long month. Lots happening and little time for city time.. IE internet posts. I have tried to post from a phone but it fails to load. Here is a photo page from yesterday, Jr taking folks from San Geranimo to the river for baptisms. 25 people loaded into the 800cc micro p/u and off they went. Marc Antonio performed the baptisms of those he has won and taught. AMEN! Had birthdays for 2 of our Lighthouse kids yesterday as well. Lisa will be traveling to the USA tomorrow. She will be stateside for a few weeks. Going to our daughter graduation trying to get a few medical tests done if funds allow ect. The KIa is back on the road with a new motor. The well pump was fixed as well. Several american groups in the past month with preaching in every area including over the border in Nicaragua. We have also been battling spiritual wickedness in all forms in all fronts. Always need prayer. Had Iris's older sister show up with a friend who was trying to give us her baby. Had a hard truth talk with them. Her friend was also a friend of Nancy, she shared Nancy is now working as a prostitute... Heartbreaking. There is heartbreak all around us. Often its like watching a bad trainwreck live but in slow motion. And nothing you do seems to help. I believe spiritual wickedness is working without rest now days... Because I sure dont get any. Keep us in prayer and I will try to get my post back to a regular timing.
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,

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