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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Heavenly treasure

The week is over and the group of friends from America have left but not without leaving behind treasure for heaven. Many putting their faith in Christ, many seeing clearly. It has been a month of blessing, work and trials. A new kia provided but rushing to get it ready to do the work of ministry required. A week of late night welding to build a rack and seating and trailer hitch to move the coming group around. Paint still drying when they arrive. Many situations in the background to attend to while group is fighting spiritual wickedness out front. Even with a visiting group providing a great blessing, the regular things still have to get done, counciling, fixing broken things, buying food and gas ect. But the treasure put in heaven by such tasks and outreach will take an eternity to comprehend. 300+ souls cried out to God this week, 1200+ saw more clearly and the work of followup begins. This group was packed with old friends, several pastors who I hold in High regard, A missionary to the middle east who has become a great friend over the past couple of years, and a few new ones. It was hard to fellowship with the flow of needs before us but it was squeezed in as we could. If you are a chuch looking to support a missionary to the middle east you could do no better than J.P. Day and family, they are and will be an effective voice for our Saviour where there is often no other. If you are a church looking to support and effective ministy of harvesting Souls, Truthfortoday Medical missions will put abundant treasure in heaven on your behalf. Thank you to the churches for sharing your pastors, you have truly cream of the crop men who love the LORD and love all those he died for... Thank you to all the ministering Saints who made this months blessing come forth. The container, New kia, medial outreach and support...

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Been quite the week so far. A 40 foot container of donations arrived, a new Kia was provided, and our multi church youth conference took place. A lot of work is an understatement. But blessing abounding as well. The container was filled with food, shoebox gifts, a frig, stove and a long awaited washing machine. Along with bibles and 2 million tracts... Should keep us busy a while. We took delivery of a new kia provided my ministering saints, and began modifying it to fit our needs as a people mover and ministry truck. Our first youth conference with more than 100 young people from 4 of our churches. They listen to more than 5 hours of preaching by our Bible institute students. Most of the lessons were on not following the worlds ways, proper relations and marrage. Strong stuff. Feed them lunch followed by a short game time, which were also life lessons/preaching of which they became the object lessons.  Taking them all back up the mountain left the old kia rear end complaining. Hopped in the new kia this morning to go to the river for baptisms from the campain in the other mountain. I was expecting 14 but it ended up as 28 believers entering the waters. One was a blind teen had I hiked in the mountain and gave a bed to her and led her to Christ... 4 years ago. One was a young man the pastor led to Christ more than a year ago but had not come to church or been faithful...He went at midnight pounding on the pastors door and begging him to pray with him and get right with God... Another, Angel the boy Pastor Santos took in after his parents died of aids. Then watch Pastor Ruis have the pastor's daughter wrap up his feet in plastic to keep the not so clean water out of his diabetic sores so he could baptise the new and old converts... Humbling to say....

the least. The new kia was broke in with a sermon preached from the bed and hauling kids for the Youth activity yesterday... amen!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Psalms 37:23

 Tues-What a day... Mostly sitting around all day making calls...from a tire shop. Headed out this morning to do banking, pay bills, meet with pastors, and deal with government customs about a container that is in country. Opted to swing by the tire shop and have a noisy shock replaced and check the alignment... turned out to be alot worse. Got it on the alignment rack and found the right front spindle was broken. Only one bolt barely holding it all together. Had it broke at highway speed, nothing but bad and really bad news. Head first into someone or tumble down the road. I had Lisa do a late night run with it the night before for internet paperwork, yikes. Took it apart at the shop and began looking for parts. Found one in the capital for tomorrow. So for today we welded back together and were able to get home. Fixed Wen.

We have a wonderful blessing of a 40'container donated and shipped and is currently in customs awaiting payment paperwork ect. Been 3+ years since our last container. But our new government is so bent on collecting taxes on everything they put forth new rules and they want an an extreem amount for import taxes, and they are not letting tax exempts off the hook. Not a good situation. They want $7400 in taxes and fees exc. more than 2x what we were told before shipping. That is on top of the cost of shipping and collecting. We sent a lawyer to plead with Gov officials in the tax office, but to no avail. Pay up and your time is running out was the reply. Our wonderful ministering saints who sacrifice to collect and send it, are sacrificing yet again and seeking to cover the expense but it puts a very dark cloud whether it is worth doing it again. Dont get me wrong it is still worth the blessing, even at double the costs, but it makes it questionable who is willing. If you spend $7 to get a $40 blessing with just a little risk and alot of work, most people find it a great deal, but spend $14 to get a $40 blessing with the same risk and work, not as many takers. Bottom line is the ministry and poor here suffer and will miss out more in the future. These kind of donations are another avenue to gain help tools without affecting regular support. It has been much harder to grow the ministry in the last 3 years without the extra help. Bibles, tracts, food for the orphanage and poor. It is much harder to raise funds, to purchase here, that kind of volume verses what is donated and shipped... and oft times unavailable here. Hoping conditions change on this...one thing you can count on here, nothing stays the same... except the poor who always pay some how.
One of our pastors and his second man were out soulwinning in the mountain on his motorcycle. They went to a place they thought had many homes. After dumping over the bike and breaking the clutch handle and foot pegs they walked the rest of the way in, but only found 3 homes. They did their work and saw 2 come to Christ. On the hike back out they passed the home of an elderly lady they knew who was not a christian, she was the grandmother of a church member and had rebuffed them numerous times. Tired, muddy opted to just return to the motorcyle. As they got ready to leave the pastor could not find his phone. They returned up the path looking and found it in front of the elderly womans home. Figuring it was the LORD they went to witness to her and received a warm welcome and a soul who trusted Christ as saviour. Ps 37:23 They left rejoicing after finding that which was lost.

One of our 10 year old boys got burned. A big pot of soup was on the stove and one of the teen boys was asked to help move it to be served. As he turned he stumbled and dropped it, at the same time the young boy was going into the kitched(without permission) and let the dog in. The soup landed direcly on the dog and the boy fell into the hot mix on the floor and burned his back. Two trips to the Hospital. He will be ok but it may leave large scars on his arms and back, Eric is his name. Always in need of Prayer.
 Internet and phone communications have been bad as of late. Hoping it will improve when a new cell tower is finished between us and the city. Took the older teens out fishing in the river with one of our pastors. Been a long time but a fulfilled promise to one of them. Casting the net... amen.

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