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Thursday, February 26, 2009

OPBBC Day 10 Looking Up

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 9

Still trying to wear out the Americans. No such luck they’re still wanting more. We put the 4wheeler up the mountain and locked it behind a tree and used the winch to pull one of the poles up to prepare for tomorrow. It was also used to lift the big post onto the kia, then used the kia to the pole back down the ready hole. Some of the boys found the human post hole digger actually worked. Just needed an old paint can instead of hands. The center table was finished in white tile for the kitchen. The bathrooms wall tiles are near complete. Need grouting ect. The upper door was installed. The Lighthouse children were enlisted today by Lisa, Some washed dishes, Some washed clothes (the old fashioned way on the stone washboard,
some picked up trash and burned it. Everyone it seemed was redeeming the time and endured till the end. Amen!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 7-8

Week two of OPBBC work has begun. Nine left Saturday and three more arrived. Some of them went to the mountain outreach in Colonia. More than 100 folks were in service under the big tree. After church on Sunday in La Cruz, the kids played soccer, jump rope and 4 square. Ending a nice day.

Monday-What happens when you put oil based sun screen on your face with oil based yellow paint on your hands? You become the entertainment of a bunch of Children’s Lighthouse kids. The new crew chose to start digging the holes for the power lines, though difficult, they managed to get one 80% dug the first day. Not bad for an old NY Italian working in the tropic heat. I took one of the boys and tried to use him as a post hole digger. Would have worked if I had ear plugs so I did not have to hear him scream. (Just kidding the screaming didnt bother me that bad. Just didnt work well :) ). The 4 wheeler has already had a hard first month here, towing supplies and rubble up the hill, like towing a 35 foot power pole to its location. Tomm it should go up, then we need to figure a way to hang the 500lb transformer. Hmm, where there is a will there is a way.
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tiger Island

The group went to Tiger Island for a final day of R&R. We rented 2 boats to take us all the way around the 22km island. Our boat spotted sharks 2x following the boat with the Americans in it...the joke became they were just looking for white meat. The kids sang on the hour long ride out. We swam and had a good time for several hours on playa Negra (Black Beach) A vocanic ash black sand beach... say hot on the feet. Then went to playa Grande for lunch of huge shrimp and fish. A few ventured into the bat cave and swam around the bluff. And of couse in Honduras there is always a problem, the van blew a tire on the way back...one to many potholes. If you check out the google map on the right of the blog you can see where the team spent their week. The Island the lighthouse property the churches ect. and of course all the photos on the blog can be enlarged by clicking on them so enjoy and please keep us in your prayers.
An unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 4-5

Building up the flock and casting away the stones. The boys took on the task of taking down the old outhouse. The men also preached to a crowd of near 100 in our carport. They also opted to preach again thursday night at Ramons church. Today we all head for Tiger Island and Sat part of them leave and more arrive for week 2 work. I keep telling them they signed up for a work release program. They work till I release them... might take a little more conviencing... but not much with their servant's hearts. Amen!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 3

A finished task...The children's crossing signs are up. Amen. The tile work continues. The steel is still being installed. The kitchen is now lockable. Countertop is tiled. The boys cleaned up and were cementing up our drainage creek...to keep our tropical waters at bay during storms. Even got a little demolition work done. After having the boys swing a 12 lb sledge hammer to break the bricks…hmm. Tomorrow the old outhouses and maybe we can squeeze even more out of them before Friday. Just need a bigger whip. But at least they will come home worn out for the Glory of the LORD. Amen! Thank You ministering saints of OPBBC.

Monday, February 16, 2009


The church went to work bright and early and did not suffer through a 100 degree day like last year, they blazed right through it with nary a whimper. The first day was quite productive. Tiles are being laid in 3 areas at one time, the steel workers already have the security windows installed and have begun making doors, our Garden of Eden property is being dressed and kept by the boys, and the ladies are rubbing off on our kids which I was hopping for… and new school crossings signs are going in. Amen, so all is well on the mission front. The Children’s Lighthouse will look good by the end of the week. Thank you all for being ministering saints both hear and there… We need every prayer and remembrance.If all goes according to plan we will take them on a “…3 Hour Tour” to a “desert” island on Friday. Pray we don’t get shipwrecked... and the food is good :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day One

Old Paths Baptist Church returned again this year to help the ministry. Ministering to our folks through preaching and music. They also brought a lot of much needed modest clothing, shoes tools ect. And handed them out to the children. After our church and OPBC all loaded up to go to the new city park to sing and hand out tracts, John and Romans ect. Over 1000 folks received the word in 20 minutes The singing attracted onlookers, opening opportunity and a nice time of fellowship. Tomorrow the laborious work begins in 100 degree weather. The goal is to lay 115 square meters of tile and install near 40 security bars on windows and install doors and 4 toilettes. Seems like a lot…Not only do we have to keep the crew fed, watered and supplied, Plus we must get all 18 kids ready for school and take them then the ladies will work with them after school…amenUnworthy Barry

Friday, February 13, 2009

First Day of School

Our Children’s Lighthouse kids started school today. Even sick from a bad allergic reaction, Lisa made up school hygiene kits from some of the donated things sent by our ministering saints. Each one had a tooth brush, soap, paper, pencils ect. She was able to make up enough for all the kids in the little country school. To the delight of the kids and teachers. Of course each one had placed in it a gospel tract and scripture. Not a problem in a public school that starts the day in class prayer…Amen. Lisa had a bad allergic reaction Wednesday while cooking cashews. She wanted quiet time, so I left her at the property to relax and take benadryl, but found in the morning she was much much worse. The cell phone had quit working so she could not call. I rushed her to the pay hospital yesterday morning and they injected her with steroids and iv and 4 meds to get the reaction down. This photo is after the swelling was going down. She was suppose to rest but the meds made her hyper…hence the hygiene kits.
The company making the windows brought them out to the Lighthouse while we were dealing with Lisa and installed them. The building is taking shape. Tile work next week. A church group from Old Paths in Rochester NY is arriving Tomorrow to help tile, plumb and put up metal security doors ect

Friday, February 6, 2009

Public School?

Here is a photo of one building in our little country public school. When we enrolled our kids Monday (With 18 we can no longer afford the Christian school in the city) it increased the load on the teacher dramatically and she plead for help. We agreed. So we are paying the salary of a new (Christian) teacher; hopefully just until we can get the government to take over. But not holding my breath, Several meeting are scheduled. We are installing a well pump so the children can use the bathroom and wash hands without the fear of one falling in pulling up the buckets. And seal the well, because it is dangerously deep and had a bad pump they could not afford to fix, plus bare electric wires exposed to the kids ect. Fixing up the place is more necessary self preservation of our kids, than a noble offering. We are also installing fans in the classrooms. It is well over 100 degrees in the summer. The goal is to buy time until we grow enough to afford start our own school. For now this is all we can afford to do.

As for Barry Jr and the others in our house They need a little extra prayer for chicken pox. Jr is miserable and has blisters everywhere, even in his eyelids, ears, nose, throat, mouth and total body. As he was bent over for a antibiotic daily injection perscribe by our doctor, I was trying to joke with him about Job of the Bible…didn’t get much of a smile, especially after I stuck him with the needle. Though he might understand the book of Job on a whole new level. With him down sick, I also appreciate how much he helps in so many ways.

The last photo is the concrete shelf space in the Lighthouse Kitchen. The steel work and window work is also coming along and should be ready to install when the American church group here. Amen!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Birthdays, Blessings and Chicken Pox

It has been a few days since the last post, but not because nothing is happening. Quite the opposite, just too much to do. We are preparing to enroll 21 children in school. And for various reasons, not all are going to the same school. Because of school, it necessitated the need for birth certificates and a search ensued. We found some of the new children were not the ages we thought. Patricia just turned 9, where as Katherin as of this weekend just turned 11. Lisa, as usual, made a way to have a nice birthday for her on very little, a Princess castle piñata and all. She was ecstatic and continued hugging and kissing into the next day saying thank you. Considering she now knows the date, it was her first real birthday.

We found from her records that others think the same as we do, she might be a little learning disabled…ie possibly a different school. Because of our low support level and the large group of children, we could no longer continue putting them in the Christian school in town. God’s mercy is anew each morning because, when one door closes in the LORD’s work another opens. He seems to have opened a receptive door in the small public school near the property for most of the children. After a meeting with the teacher she welcomed our ideas and help. We will be helping them acquire another teacher for the 100 children. Plus supply some of their curriculum and teach Bible classes, English classes and supplement in other areas. They need fans in the classrooms, playground equipment, someone to mow ect. Since the children’s Lighthouse is across the street it will be convenient in the future. But for now it will be costly getting new uniforms, shoes, books paying for an extra teacher (a Christian) ect ect. But less than the christian school. Just for good measure, a round of chicken pox has hit our new kids…and it seems a 2nd time for Jr. and just before school starts too….never a dull moment.

We finally had to let our grounds keeper go that came with the Lighthouse property, when purchased: for numerous reasons. He was a major help in construction, upkeep and security, but circumstances dictated the time to remove him. We have struggled financially since the beginning to keep him there for security and maintenance, which is ever needful. We overlooked many faults because of his strong work testimony and we are not living there. (still a ways to go). If it is not guarded things will disappear. In this he did well, but when one of the girls voiced privately with me she was scared to go to the property because of his actions toward her, the totality of it all could no longer be overlooked.(nothing bad happened, but prudence dictated if the door was open a little, it would be wider later). So now Lisa and I have separated. She stays with Jr and a few kids, then we rotate. We do need full time security and help on the property. (like everyplace here, even the pepsi delivery truck goes around with armed guards). If not Lisa or I will need to be onsite 24/7 even after moving there.

An armored truck was robbed last week here just moments after I was at the same atm. I had noticed some strange men hanging around the atm, but did not make the connection till driving back past 15 minutes later. A guard was killed during the robbery and later 3 thieves were killed just outside of town in a police shootout… Though I walk through the valley…. Your prayers are always in use here thank you…

We are also preparing for a church group to come and visit on the 14th of February for a week or so to help build on the lighthouse. We are prepping the building and building windows and doors for them to install while here. As well as maybe a little tile and bathroom work. The kitchen sink cement base was built and cement shelf and counters as well as stuccoing all the openings, the kitchen and office space. All in hopes to install them and secure at least part of the building…closer to moving in. Still need much to be done, more stucco, more doors, a security fence (more needful now), a well drilled, put up the transformer, more cement work, water drainage from buildings ect. Always in need of prayer. Please share this with church family and friends. If you know of a church one of the men volunteering to represent us could visit please let us know. The ministry is woefully under funded, as it grows and responsibilities grow, even more so. It is one of our greatest needs. More ministering saints to lighten the burden on all. Thank you to all those ministering saints for helping bear the load this far, the LORD has truly been good.

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,

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