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Saturday, February 20, 2016


Been a blessed month over all. Had a box from a church in NY arrive the first week with much needed clothes and near everything fit someone. It also had a nice hd mixer for Lisa and the much needed high output special alternator for the new Kia. It has had a workout since installing it because we have had little electric at the Lighthouse, 3 or 4 days a week without power. So the kia with an inverter fills in running lights and fan.
Have had several trust the Lord so far this month in several churches and two special adults baptized at the Lighthouse. Of course after baptisms are over no reason to waste the water. Kids hop in and fill it with balls and cool off... amen.

Had another delivery from the states as well when the Christmas bags arrived along with some food for the Lighthouse. Another Amen!

Been fighting zika mosquito here because some in our ministry are expecting. Bought needed insecticides and sprayers to keep them at bay. Had a few emergencies as well. Boys jumping on a bed and splat on floor busting out front teeth. Late night Dr run but no emergency rooms would take him, all lacking doctors. So called the dentist in one of our churches ran by her house at 9pm to pick her up and take her to her office... surgery finished near midnight. The second was done by remote control. Alba called in a panic. Mikey had a neighbor kid jump on a board and mess up his hand. Called a friendly er dr and he was able to pin him back together. Amen. Karen also had her pins in her legs removed and is learning to walk again. She is up and around with just a cane now. Still a ways to go though.

 Always in need of prayer because we are buffeted on all sides daily. So today for down time, I opted to take all of us to the beach. All 22 with a few extended family... was going to take both kias but the old one blew the clutch en-route and was left behind at a mechanic shop. After a wonderful day on the way back hit a traffic jam of hundreds of cowboys showing off with dancing horses. Sit in traffic with the kids and watched the show. Last week Lenin wanted a project so he replaced the screens in the kitchen door and repainted it. Amen. Thank you for every rememberance and prayer.

For those wondering about beach weather this week for Choluteca Honduras?
Sat 100 sunny, Sun 100 sunny, Mon 102 sunny, Tue 100 sunny, Wend 100 sunny, Thur 100 sunny, Fri 101 sunny, Sat 101sunny, Sun 100 sunny, Mon 100 sunny,

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