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Monday, October 22, 2012

Out of the mouth of babes...

We had an outreach to the community this week with 6 public schools under preaching. It kind of started out as an accident. One of the teachers came and asked if they could meet here and have a public meeting about putting electric in their kindergarten building. 50 adults or so. Seemed like a simple enough request and the reasoning was the schools were muddy and hard to bring folks to and having classes. Lisa said yes and I did not object… My only requirement was that we could hand out tracts to visitors and have a time to preach.. They sad fine… Some how that “yes” became an inter school soccer match with us hosting the event…So six schools showed up… It went off with only one hitch, the candy cannon barrel exploded. Thankfully no one was hurt as it shot up like a rocket and candy falling out like a plum of smoke. If you look close at the kids faces in the one photo you will see their reactions. The other great reaction I had this week was with Carlita. She is always eager to run in and give hugs. I was talking to a couple of other children at my desk and she came in, As she passed the screen on my desk I slammed down a book hard and gave her a stern stare like I was mad. She about went to cry with a look of desperation and fear on her face. Just a moment before I let her in on my little ruse she threw up her hands anyway and fell on me for a hug, saying I love you papi. I felt guilty and joyful at the same time. When I let her in on it she laughed in relief then in joy as she began to tell all the others for the next ½ hour how funny it was…. I think the faith of the young child to fall into the arms of the father is a perfect spiritual example for all of us to follow… Amen! Out of the mouth of Babes thou hast perfected praise

Monday, October 8, 2012

Finally took Wilmer to the lab to get him tested for aids and hep C. Thankfully they both came back negative. That is a major burden relieved and answer to prayer.

In church services Sunday 5 souls went forward for salvation, 3 young people and 2 adults amen. and the first preaching in the new location on the mountain also commenced.

Lisa spent a day with the teachers and kids doing a photo studio. Dressing up the kids doing hair and make up, posing and lights to teach them how to take photos. Julie took most of them learning with her camera. We also took some of Jr and Lourdes for their wedding announcements. When it was Lisa’s turn the girls and the teachers buzzed about her like bees dressing her up giggling ect. Funny poses, glamour poses, wedding poses, and ministry poses. After Lisa finishes with them they look even better. I enclosed a few rough shots. Photos took 4+ hours for the girls…and after I mentioned lets eat and go to the park afterwards, it only took 30 min to do an even greater number of boys. Hmm. Then pile all 34 in/on the kia and head out….We always get a lot of looks from people even here. In near 50 years of life, I have never really blended in anywhere so why start now? Just an Alaskan polar bear in the tropics…

One of our larger supporters informed us they were no longer able to support. They graciously filled in the gap over the years picking up when others could not, but due to health they are unable to keep doing so. They truly had the Macedonian spirit of giving. It amounts to 25%+ support so this is going to hurt. We have been here every month by the miracle and providence of God and his ministering saints for 7 years and I am sure he will sustain through others.

Needed to make a few calls and the river has good reception… so load up the older kids one afternoon and let them play awhile. At least until the big herd of cows showed up stream… and made it stink more than normal.

The last good tire on the kia finally surrendered to the potholes and was forced to get new. Thankfully found some here that fit after years of looking. Bad news, they were expensive and one did not even make it through the first trip up the mountain taking building supplies before a rock got it…And the new 4way I bought from the tire shop did not fit the new lug nuts they put on…weee. But hey it did fit the ones they took off. To be a missionary one must have a good understanding of irony and a deep sense of humor, else you will spend a lot of time banging your head against a wall trying to make the headache go away… Discovering new things every day…

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