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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

need moto..vated

Been a struggle to post lately. Poor internet, no computer ect. But the work continues. Mother's day went well even baptized 4 wanting to follow the Lord at the Lighthouse baptist church
. Went yesterday to visit a new outreach near the border. A group of 20 adults have been meeting in a home. It is actually lost and found fruit. Two families from our churches in the mountains moved there a while back. They did not know each other or the connection  but both sought the same thing. They met began meetings and grew. Now more than 20 adults. One older man had some ministry experience  and began to lead. Then they contacted us to help. Our bible students  have stepped up to begin helping, guide   and teach them correctly. So it appears we have a new church plant. Good location seed on the wayside. Right along the pan american highway. There is even a small property available I am told for only 1500 dollars that would be the perfect start to a meeting place. Need to investigate. The same bible students also are teaching bible classes in the public schools on the mountain...and being requested by other schools. The saw 45 students and a teacher trust the Lord last week. In need of buses  for several  churches and the children's lighthouse. It would grow the churches a lot here. Buses came easy to me in the usa, I gave away many to help start bus ministries, not sure why it is so hard to get one here. Been praying for one for 10 years. Had 30 plus people in our kia yesterday going to church. But it is just one vehicle  and cannot serve 8 churches at the same time. We need motorcycles as well to get our preachers where they need to be. This too has been a major  hindrance. Need a computer to communicate , need motorcycles to propagate, and buses to "motor"vate the gospel. Our problem in Honduras is typically this. Example.. Monday we had a small special bank deposit given. Amen we praise the Lord, answer to prayer...make plans how to use it. Head to the city to an atm to fulfill the plan....and blow a tire...and use the special funds fixing the truck to get home... weee. Our ministering saints have carried our heavy burden faithfully for a long time. Though few in number  much has accomplished through them by our Lord's hand. We continually give thanks for you.

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