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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Just spent whirlwind 10 days back in the USA. Have not been in the states for over a decade. One of our supporting churches called and it happened to be timed perfect. A canceled event here, right people to help here, ect, ect. They even twisted my arm a bit  wanting me and Lisa to come on short notice. Even buying 1st class tickets... that was a first for me. It worked out great, the late purchase 1st class tickets were only $100 more.... which is less than the cost of one overloaded or extra luggage.
We were allowed eight 70lbs bags between the 2 of us. Old school flying. And we needed it, bringing all that was donated to the children here. Another church met us at the airport with a caddy and a gas card allowing us to travel.
We stretched it to 10 days and were able to see 4 churches and visit with 2 pastors and a school chapel service while crossing back and forth the Mississippi River, and maybe a new supporting church. Our home church pastor drove 7 hours just to spend a 2hr breakfast with us. As I sat outside with a friend without a coat in 30s temps my body began to shake. Oh what's that? Wow a cold chill, haven't had one of those in a long time, almost forgot what they were. So sat freezing a little longer just to remember the experience. :)  All was great, emotional and needed fellowship good food and shared memories. The churches received us and treated us wonderfully. I found I was struggling some in English which made preaching much harder than I expected. Wobbly on the bike so to speak. We returned home to find all was well too. To a cleaned room and even a fixed a/c.
The kids did a really good job holding down the fort and keeping it all going... but were glad to put the keys in my hands. Thank you for every remembrance, care and prayer.

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