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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Too much for a single week….

But the LORD knows what we can handle…Amen! We managed to do a birthday party at the Lighthouse for Jenny and Nancy and their class from school. The girls cooked, Lisa made a cake and treets. Then the container finally arrived that afternoon and we unloaded it till 10pm. It was filled with blessings, even though customs stole a lot again. Toys food, fridge, stove, a new washing machine, mower, and more. Then head out early the next morning to pick up OPBBC group of 22 folks here to work installing bathrooms fixtures, fans, and fencing at the Childrens Lighthouse. They also preached in the prison, preached on the mountain and will preach on the last day of school tomorrow. Souls have trusted Christ Jesus with lots of blessing abounding, just no time to stop and dwell on them right now. I will fill in more later. Photos will say a lot though. Keep praying because we need every single one….

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Just waiting on the LORD....

An uneventful but heavy laden week. I will share the “carga” (weights/ burdens) with our praying Saints to know how to pray and what is heavy on my mind at the moment. At times here, it all seems overwhelming, at other times it really is… Just to share, but remember there are always blessing within and without the “carga”.

One church group just left and another will arrive Saturday followed by 2 other families who will arrive when they leave, staying for 3 weeks.

1 “Laden things”- The old van we have to pick them up got 2 flat tires last week. Tires need to be replaced
2 “Laden things”- The water pump for the light house property went out yesterday. No water to flush or clean things or make cement.
3 “Laden things”- Both Jenny and Nancy turned 14 this week and we can do nothing like we have in the past for them…
4 “Laden things” A container will arrive mon or tue with wonderful blessings from Directline ministries. A washing machine for the lighthouse, a mower food ect…But it always costs extra to get it on this end. (A p/s Paul at Directline needs those that want to participate in the Christmas shoeboxes program to contact him and go ahead and start collecting for Christmas. His number is 1 740 667 6166. It is a wonderful program and is a hugh blessing to us on the field)
5 “Laden things” The datsun has a bad tire that our men use to go to Trapeche and preach. The van blew a tire last week going there.
6 “Laden things” Still trying to get electric turned on at the Lighthouse…
7 “Laden things” Half of the children have been sick for 2 weeks…some get better other get sick…a cycle.. The Americans brought a lot of cold meds…that are already used up.
8 “Laden things” Lisa is not better yet. Just as she seems better she gets sick again.
9 “Laden things” Time to shop for food…We seem to empty our bank every time we buy food for 21 (weekly)
10 “Laden things” The men I have been trying to get to return to the Lighthouse and work for months came back and started work again amen! But it is now time to pay them.
11 “Laden things” Rent due in a few days
12 “Laden things” The church is stopping construction for now the funds are depleted to continue…but its better than a tent. They finished the entrance steps this week. Still need to finish cement for walls, floor, electric, doors, windows ect.

13 “Laden things” Pastor Santos asked, last week when I was in the mountain, if I would help with a wedding of 2 folks in their church wanting to get right with the LORD. I said sure that would be great let me know who what where when ect….He showed up at our doorstep with the entire wedding party unannounced. Right as we began dealing with the water pump issue and a house full of sick kids. They had no money or funds to even buy water to drink or get back up the mountain….All they thought was all we need to do is get to Barry’s house and he will take care of it…ops.

14 Laden things"-Pastor Enmessio shared with me he is now training a Pastor as well who is avail to preach as we need him...amen His name is Naoom. (Nah-whom) He still needs transportation to the mountain.

Our problem in all this is simple…Our bank account as of Friday had $126. Strangely though, I’m not all stressed out about it. When the plane doesn’t have quite enough fuel to reach shore don’t pray for more fuel pray for a tailwind…

The photo is the church steps and progress. Bro Marco Antonio preaching Sunday morning, Jenny getting birthday prayers in church, and the wedding party from the mountain and keeping the other half of the kids busy while the sick ones rest.. Amen.
Staying well spent for the LORD,

PS We went after church to pull the water pump so we could get an early start fixing it on Monday so we would have water...As we were pulling it up the cable and tube broke dropping the pump down to the bottom of the 270foot well. If we cannot retrieve it somehow this mean s we cannot drill deeper in the future (Metal ruins drill heads) and we must buy another $5-600 pump to get water on the property... Jr , Omar and I are working on a retrieval method after talking to a pro driller from the states. But he said we could be days trying and still not get it out.
And at 6am I got the infamous call from customs there a new "fee"required before the container can be released...I was hoping at least once we could get it without "issues"

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