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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

UPDATE Busy Busy Busy.
Lots of good news, La Cruz Baptist Church held their first service on the new property. A baptismal service. But to do that a way to baptize them had to be made. One of the men coming to church (Carlos) volunteered to build it, if we could get the things needed. Carlos did a wonderful job. And 7 people were baptized, 6 adults and Iris. In the first days returning to our home Iris asked if she could still be baptized. I asked her why and she had all the right reasons, even after being gone for so long. Amen! She was to be baptized the day following that she ended up back with the authorities 11 months ago, Heartbreaking then but.... What a glorious way to first use the new church property. Now all we need to do is find $5-8000 to build a church building….Amen.

The Children’s Lighthouse property is taking shape, The first retention wall is up, pouring concrete for the septic tank(s). The Whensawe bogeda should be functional in 2-3 weeks. So much yet to do, and so little time, strength, and funds to do it all. Only in the LORD though his ministering saints will it all happen.

Lisa registered 12 Children for School this year, then took them out for the first of school supplies, shirts, shoes, bags ect. Still need to make uniforms from school fabric, buy books and so on. Schooling is one of the largest expenses. Daisy and Blanca tickled Lisa when they asked "What kid of bookbag would Sasha pick?" Lisa said she would get something durable not fashonable..like a military bag...So they did. Sasha's testamony lingers.. amen.
Infha is permiting something new with Alba. Because of her age she is no longer “required” to be schooled, though we do not want to stop her education at a 5-6 grade level. So one of the teachers in the church will be teaching her privately here. 3 hours a day. It is our first step toward establishing our own school for all the children. When the Lighthouse has 30+ children, the law here says we must provide them a school as well…Gotta start somewhere. Amen and Amen

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie

Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Week of Progress

The LORD has blessed and progress keeps going forward. The rock walls needed for ground retention are almost up. It is needed so we can compact the soil for the foundation, it is a bonus that it looks nice too. The septic tank and leech field are dug and leveled. When Jenny saw it she was excited…she though it was a pool for the children, till we said it was a septic…her reply. “what’s that” and the thrill faded from her face as it was explained. For me it was exciting to see water for the first time up to the building sight. The photo caught it as it touched the ground for the first time. That makes construction much easier. Though I already know we will need to drill a well to have enough clean water to care for all the children when there. It will be an unforeseen extra cost of $3-5000. Much work to yet be done before building can begin(septic lines, site drainage, compacting the soil, digging foundation footers ect). Part of the old house was taken down to allow the bodega to continue, it should be done in a month or so.

The meeting that was required for the court psychologist and Infha social workers to interview and see the progress of the children, went well. We chose to take them to the new property and see the children there. They see no better place for the children to be. Amen.

I was invited by Pastor Santos to preach in Lenaca Saturday for his birthday. I was getting very sick and it is a brutal drive up. The service was wonderful, 8 men on homemade instruments like a Chello and a violin with a twig and horse tail bow(which broke at the end). 125+ folks. I was ok till I stood up…Then preaching was difficult, over 100 degrees, drenched in sweat, needing a bathroom that was over 2 hours away. Even so one person came forward to rededicate their lives to the LORD and several gave testimony of life before and after salvation through the ministry of Ven a Mi Baptist It was a great time had I been well enough to enjoy it. Rushed down the mountain for a very rough night. At this writing still a 102 fever but feeling better meds are beginning to work. No time for downtime right now too much to do. Thank you for all your prayers.

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,


Friday, January 11, 2008

Forget to Pray or Praying alot?

I think either someone forgot to pray for us or someone was praying a lot... or both? What can happen in a day in Honduras. Wednesday began by taking building material to the men constructing the Whensawe bodega. Starting other men digging a septic system…ok first I needed to teach them what it was.
On another front the church folks volunteering back in Choluteca. Barry Jr was working with them for the 3rd day and they have cleaned the property very well, lots of hard, hot difficult cleaning and more than 50 people helped. It is starting to look nice.

A crate of clothing and toys came in donated and shipped from Central Baptist in NH. Amen. The Lighthouse Children got toys, shoes and clothes from it and Wednesday after church we shared it with the church. Lots of smiles and thanks to the LORD.

I was talking with the men with the backhoes on what to do next. Widening the entrance and making a road to enter the property. In the morning I thought easy day plenty of time to study for my message so I left early to check on all these things….be back by 8-815am… but only made it back just before 7pm service… Shuttling tools and materials needed, checking on folks in both areas; thought the backhoes would be done and told them to swing by the church to level it on there return trip to Choluteca. Returned to Choluteca and told the church about it, it is now 2 o’clock. The family wants to see what has been done so everyone loads in to go see, ours, Omar, s and Carlos’ family too, all 20, get in to go see, take a few pictures and allow the children to run around a bit. Everyone enjoyed it. Pack them up to finally go prepare for church and a 10 wheel dump truck arrives with compacting material for the entrance. Everyone watches as it goes up the mountain, lifts the bed, loses brakes and over the side of the embankment he went. A huge rock crushed the oil pan and stopped the engine and diesel fuel leaked everywhere. The equipment has taken a beating. The owner of it has about $10,000 in damages. All I thought was the children were playing in that area and could have been killed…Thank you LORD for protection. At the prayer meeting praise was given. 110 came for Wednesday night prayer, lots of husbands and 8 first time visitors. That is 110 meeting in a tent on a field in hot weather with 2 lightbulbs and thick with bugs. Unannounced to the church, Lisa set out the donated clothes and after had folks go through them limiting it to 5 items each…Everyone found something Amen. Before church a member makes a request for food for a funeral of an aunt and needs a ride across town. It is now 10pm and Ermita does a scheduled dental exam on all the kids. Most need work done in the office, including Lisa. Finally 11pm time for supper, prayer and bed…Sitting in church, the children jockeying for time on papi’s knee, hearing a joyful noise unto the LORD from 110 smiling souls makes you forget it is work…AAmen. Last week there was a big mountain looming in the way, I had little to work with but jumped out of the plane and said yes to the equipment at the property, thanks to the LORD and his ministering Saints this week the “big” site work is done and…the bills will be paid today, but many more are looming for next weeks long list…One day at a time. AAmen! Thursday the family needed some down time so I finished what I needed to do keep the men working and by 10:00 loaded the family up and went to the ocean for devoted family time. 99 degrees and a perfect blue sky. It is amazing how fun a Tonka truck and a 5 gal. bucket are on a beach with no one but us.

With all that has happened this year it is easy to see the hand of the LORD moving people and events. The only concern in this is that La Cruz Baptist church keeps it focus. They have helped us build a church in the mountains, continually help others, now begin building an orphanage out of the city. Yet they are still without an out of the weather place to meet… My desire is to see them stable, in a building, having more services… Just waiting on the LORD. AAmen.
unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour

Monday, January 7, 2008

Moving mountains with a mustard seed (of faith).

It is now “next” week, and they are still leveling the site to put the Children’s Lighthouse. $$ The backhoe owner brought a second machine to shorten the time needed but it has not helped much, the equipment has been problematic. Two hydraulic hoses burst, an expensive hydraulic cylinder snapped in half when a rock got caught under the piston and finally a rear tire exploded. We heard it on the other side of the property. It has been quite a job.The second driveway is coming together, should be ready tomm. Whensawe is going up, things are moving forward as the LORD provides. The second meeting with The Concrete company owner is over, no donation or drastic deal but he did give us a price better than anyone else and will deliver them for free for the next 3 months…so one more thing moving forward.

After church yesterday the men who knew construction met to talk about the new church property and what to do next. What, where, how, was discussed, and a plan to best use the site was given. We have the manpower and skill to build within the ministry now all we need is the LORD’s provision. Several groups volunteered to help clean and we want to have a baptismal service on it for the last Sunday in January. All felt that was the best way to begin using it. Today the cleaning group showed up to start cleaning the property, burning trash breaking up old foundations to level some ground... Lots of little hands make light work

On a humorous note: I was sitting eating a Honduran style salad and Bessy was watching intently. Her face cringed every time I ate a chili pepper. It was cute, till I finally said, “Do you want one? She nodded yes and opened her mouth. So I gave her a carrot slice that was in with the peppers. She eagerly chomped away and swallowed then looked up with big eyes, beads of sweat building on her forehead, a half grin and half panicked look, said slowly “paa-pee”. Then rapidly stuck her whole hand in my ranch dressing, stuck out her tongue and began scrubbing it with ranch dressing over and over…I laughed so hard my eyes leaked. Afterward I asked, “Want another one?” She hesitated and almost said yes…
In the midst of it all there is always a laugh. I will try to add another picture page tommorrow of the work at the property. Thank You All...The LORD is Working in Honduras... AAmen!



Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Dream Becomes Reality

Construction of the Children’s Lighthouse has begun! AAmen!
Not sure how the LORD will complete all that is before us. Just living by faith, but the LORD is faithful. We’ve seen the need and started to work. A rescuer that is witness to an emergency does not hesitate or wait for someone else to do this or that… He uses what he has to do what he can to save a life. As it is with much of the ministry here, do what you can with what you got….. but do something!

As of today we had $150 in the USA missions account; The LORD has done more with less… Many mouths to feed, regular bills to pay, Christian School begins in a month for a dozen children or more, uniforms, supplies ect; and there is a machine on the property leveling the land for the Children’s Lighthouse that costs $40 per hour to hire, it’s working so hard it has ruptured 2 hoses from the strain of pulling rocks. The money for it’s labor will be due when done. There are three men building the Whensawe Distribution Center on the property. Two men are putting in a second culvert/driveway to allow larger vehicles (delivering blocks ect) to enter the property. Am I worried? No, it belongs to the LORD and He is in control. A few people have contacted us to help in different ways, I am sure others will as well, so we just wait on the LORD to work in hearts and provide as needed. If the LORD says jump from the plane without a parachute you should jump. (Just be sure it is the LORD saying it) Hebrews 11 is filled with those willing. The Lighthouse project needs 6-7000 blocks so a visit the local concrete company that is owned by a Canadian was in order. The owner was in and we talked for over an hour. A lot of similar stories, one of his biggest irritations is people lying to him and shared those stories too. As the children were returning from the bathroom I told him to ask one of them what is the big rule in our home… He did and the reply was unanimous…“No lying”. He smiled, then bought the children with me pepsi and chips and said he would work up something. Pray he donates them or at least gives us a very good price. We cannot keep the machine on the property one hour beyond what is necessary for leveling, but there is much other work to be done. Roads, paths, septic, clearing, other church projects in other areas ect, so the need for an old backhoe is still very high. On top of this there is still a great need to find a way to build a church building for La Cruz Baptist Church now that it has land. If anyone is even remotely interested in helping in any of the LORD’s projects please visit ways you can help link to the right. It has been updated. Or click here Biblical Missions. Feel free to contact us as well; all information is at the bottom of the Biblical Missions link.

Thank you all your prayers are being heard! AMEN!

Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour
Barry Ritchie

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday

I have joked for years saying the whole world celebrates my birthday(Jan 1) but no one buys me presents…till today. The children all made handmade cards and hugs n kisses. The Cross Baptist Church threw a surprise party for me, it touched me like little else can. Over 150 people packed the tent from 630-9:30pm. Carlos gave a lame excuse to get me away for a while and they set up everything. Food for all, cake, piñata even a skit done by the young people. Carlos dropped me off and I walked into a tent singing and got hugs I think literally from everyone. The children I had to hug 3-5 at a time there were so many. People gave testimonies, tears flowed, two teens wrote touching acrostics on poster board out of my name. Pastor Ramon preached a short devotion of Abraham going…it was very much like the message I received at my ordination from my teacher even the same passages. Ramon also gave a testimony about Ana Cristina (Click for Blog post link). Then the church gave two gifts; one needful, one wonderful. A handmade belt stamped “With love for Barry Ritchie from The Cross Baptist church” embossed on it. (Good thing I’m a big guy). The second was a Question, With around 150 people present the question was asked how many people have trusted the LORD Jesus through this ministry…90% of the hands went up…You cannot ask for a greater reward. The LORD has truly blessed these past 2 years….

Very Unworthy Servant to a Wonderful Worthy Saviour

Barry Ritchie

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