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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Little things

Lisa prepped for 50 kids and 12 government people to visit us at the Lighthouse Property. We had some of our Bible institute students come and be excellent examples of the fruit of the ministry and preach. They did great, though I got worried when I heard them begin preaching about Sodom and Gomorrah. Moreso when you understand the background of the kids present. But they pulled it off well and three boys came forward at the end. Amen. One of our students gave his testimony how he used to be a gang member, and how all of his old gang buddies are now dead. A lot of work went into this small group. Some of the officials drove from Tegu (2+hours) just to attend. We put out the bounce houses, Lisa made hot dogs, Sunday float cupcakes, and gave away Joy bags. (They looked real and watching some of the kids try to suck their cupcakes through the straw was my entertainment) Kids played on the playground and zip line. Lisa made up a photo studio and Julie took photos of those who wanted them. In all the big things done, it is often the little things that impress most. Like little Lester, sitting with a bunch of new strange kids...of his own accord stops and prays for his food before eating as the officials look on. Our kids wearing "staff" shirts and serving and caring for the kids the officials brought.  Another young boy comes up to me give me ahug while I am talking to the director and says I want to live with you. We have been attacked in so many ways since being here, but seen the LORD protects in even greater ways. 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Honduras Dia de Niños 2014 (Children's Day)

This "week" is national children's day for us. Churches, schools,  government do activities. For most it is a day. but we cannot be all places at once so it takes a week. Sunday was our church in the city and the Lighthouse church. Next week 2 more and friday the gov authorities are bringing kids to the lighthouse to celebrate. Preaching often to parents who might not darken the doors of a church is a bonus. We handed out more than 200 gift joy bags from Directline ministries again. Lisa has a way of making them stretch. They give us x number... we get y and z too.. (we always need many more than they can send). Shooting off the candy cannon and still getting mileage out of the bounce house we aquired over a decade ago. I do not think it would not be an exageration to say we have had more than 100,000 kids jump ‌in it. Both in inner cities in the USA and mountain tops in Honduras.. I think we have dragged it over 100,000 miles too.(my back and knees say a million.. but they lie) Been a wonderful ministry tool over the years. Doesnt every missionary have one? We started new classes at the Lighthhouse church. One of our ladies began to help the childrens class and our bible students preached and taught in the adults and new youth class. Even the rain did not dampen the spirit. 7am to 7pm picking up dropping off all day working the background making sure all have what they need and all are where they need to be... Side note for those that know, Jenny has been a regular in church now for a couple of months. Been a blessing after a long heartache. Had another strange thing happen too but will be able to explain it better later...maybe...

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