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Monday, April 16, 2012

Cool water on dry lips

We have Paul Deem from Directline Ministries here visiting. He brought some ministering saints from their ministry to get a first hand vision and heart for the receiving side of what they do. They are preaching in the city and mountain churches as well as outreaches with police and military. They also brought a few shoeboxes, clothes and bibles to hand out. Our main city just got its first KFC about 2 weeks ago, so advertising is up in various places. Saydar, one of our children, was standing behind Brother Paul intrigued by his white hair. After seeing the new images of Coronel Sanders, and while touching his hair, he honestly asked ... "Why did you shave off your beard?" It was a moment to remember. Pray about a new outreach attempt tomorrow. We will be going to the City of Choluteca Police Department and there will be many of the police men and women present to watch a gospel film and hear preaching. Their police chief has seen this movie and wants his men to see it as well... Jenny was picked up by the authorities last week and put in a different location. She is still bitter, but I heard the first soft "I love you papi" response by phone since she left. Alba, our oldest who left a couple of years ago has returned with the heart of the prodigal son. She is fully repentant and wanting to help. She came to me and wept saying, "Papi I am sorry you were right about everything." She then picked up a mop and began mopping floors. It is a shame it took such a hard lesson to see the truth fore she is currently 7 months pregnant. She has already been a big help to Lisa. The LORD knows I needed this after Jenny leaving... We were out with the children one day recently and Alba turned and said to them all "don't ever leave mami and papi because no one will love you like they do, not even family." Our Electric is still an issue and will come due any day... Always lots to pray about...

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