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Thursday, June 20, 2013

It will be worth it all... When we see Jesus

Just a thank you and a praise to the LORD for Truth for Today Medical Missions and the Wallers. They opted to come to Honduras for the launching of their new ministry. The team they brought was tougher than Honduras had to throw at them. From the heat, hiking up the mountain, rained on and non stop needs and woefully limited supply versus need. It can be overwhelming for some and it often humbles and breaks hearts in those with eyes seeking the LORD's will. Especially when they realize our folks live this way all the time and do it on almost nothing. The hikes to visit these new christians are brutal on our pastors, but that is the plan. We spent the last few thousand dollars of our donated new vehicle fund repairing the kia in preparation for this outreach. The kia made it through the week but only 30-40mph max and did not have the power it used to climbing one section and the group had to hike up. So they arrived worn out, beat up and soaked in sweat to the largest waiting crowd so no rest for the weary. Yet I never heard a murmur though I knew it was tough on a few. But for 260+ souls, the aches, pains and costs will long be forgotten in eternity.
Often, I dare not write some of the things that happen here for fear many think it is a fish tale.. But this time I have witnesses.. So here goes. 6 days of events have ended more than 700 received glasses and 264 made professions in Christ Jesus through one on one soul winning. Many in weeping tears as did our soul winners oft times. 4 local politicians, a man dressed as a woman, and even the two catholic priests of one village. All the result of much preparation by our local pastors, and Bible institute students and through them as the soul winners and the Holy Spirit at work where ever we turned. Doors opened that had been closed and the uniqueness of the outreach yielded an abundance of older adults. What a blessing. If there is rejoicing over one repentant sinner... then this week there might have been a parade on the street of gold in celebration... Amen.

Wendsday's outreach brought Pastor Augusto to tears. Raised catholic, he has had many issues in his family and community sinces trusting the LORD. At Eyes of Water he was amazed to see an entire community so ready to hear, believe and receive the Word of God. It moved him so much he often wept with the one being saved. A beautiful thing to watch. The Eyes of Water now has water, vision and a new spirit... None of which they had before November. He expected a confrontation with the priest but he stood and humbly asked Augusto, "What must I do to be saved?".  If that does not welt a tear you might have something broken that needs fixing, or needs to be broke in Honduras ... Amen!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No resting during a rescue...

Long day many more salvations and many fitted with glasses. Our bible institute students and preachers have been one on one with every patient offering spiritual sight while doctors offered it physically and spiritually when they could. Aprox 196 mostly older adults, put their trust in the LORD so far this week. One more day and lots of follow up to do.
 We did have one man get very mad and refuse glasses when he learned Mary does not save... But one out of hundreds... not bad. And many huge smiles on those who could not see but now can. Amen...
One of our church ladies eyes in the mountain are much worse than mine. So there were no glasses for her. Her original glasses were the worse shape I have ever seen, wired together from several pairs and electric wiring holding the lenses in and ear pieces on. Jr took them apart and scoured the boxes to find the closest frames to match her lenses. The modified the lenses and frames to be mated... She was quite happy.
 One 54 year old said on Friday "all my life I have heard of the love of Jesus, today for the first time I have SEEN the love of Jesus". That is what it is all about.
 One young lady was wearing a shirt written in english that said "Who Cares" as a rebellious remark, but did not know what it said. It caught the eye of one of the americans who said "I do" and took it upon himself to lead her to the Lord with one of our national pastors.
 Lots of good stories, lots of souls led to the living waters, lots of follow up work to do. Our energy is drained, several are sick, and the bank is beyond drained after nearly 3 weeks of daily difficult mountain climbs, tires are bald. Yet our day does not end only condenses. After dropping off groups to rest in a hotel, we return to repair vehicles, and care for our house full of children and all the other issues of life on hold during the day. As well as getting our pastors helping back in their mountain homes elsewhere each night.  When offered to go out as a treat after the group leaves all our kids and helpers said they just want to be left alone to sleep for 2 days. As a 2:30 am blog post might indicate, been draining but good. There will be a day of rest one day but our lives here are not made for rest...Though He does give His beloved sleep...so cannot argue with that request...Amen.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

...that they which see not might see...

  Long few days and the team from Truth for Today Medical Missions has already taken a beating. But the harvest has been bountiful. Several hundred
adults fitted with glasses and almost 150 have made decisions for Christ with 3 more days yet to go. Yesterday was great on the mountain top. The church had sent out the Bible institute students in the weeks previous to personally invite good candidates to the outreach. Those to who had shown a softness to the gospel and were in need of sight physically and spiritually. It proved to be a profitable idea. They gathered them before we arrived and began preaching. After our difficult ride up, towing our second truck up the really bad parts of the road and having the team walk up, they arrived hot, tired and sweaty to the core jumping right to work.. no rest for the weary as the crowds grew. But the crowd began to flow. Each station of care gave the soul winners time for one on one opportunity. Amazingly all patients were seen. Several local politicians in the area also came and made decisions for Christ. And an added bonus for dad. Jr is always quiping about how he gets the little 2wd micro truck that is bandaided together all the places I get the big kia... till today, and I had to tow him up... priceless...

Monday, June 10, 2013

Let it shine...

Took our group up the mountain Saturday for a time to preach to the youth. After a drive up one does not feel youthful but rather beat up a bit. Sunday we had a united service with 2 of our churches to do baptisms in the new baptistry in Lenaca. So we hauled about 25 folks up and had a good service. Only to have the kia break down and had to push start it. Alternator died. It made it back, but by the time I got to the Lighthouse I was using a small flashlight to see the road instead of headlights. Electric was back on in the house so I charged the batteries overnight and now it is daylight out. Time to get off the computer and be a mechanic so we can make or next outing. A task always more challenging by our lack of time, money and tools...amen.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Building Bridges

Brother Deem is here from Directline Ministries visiting with a few pastors. Good visit so far, been hot and muggy but the Kia has been running. Found an oil leak, the rear main seal. Just no time to fix it now. Must wait for 2 weeks till teams are done here. Pastor Thomas preached up on the mountain Wednesday and a young girl came forward. Brother Terry preached today at the military and another good response. We shared about how one of the visiting pastors had been here 30 years ago in the US military fighting against one of our national pastors as an enemy in a war, with the scars to prove it. But how the peace of God changed both men and they are now on the same side, brothers in Christ, pastors and preaching the Gospel. Building bridges; spiritually, physically and mentally. We are currently putting up a arched bridge walkway between our classrooms. And one of the visitors is a special-ed teacher showing our teachers how to bridge the gap for some of our kids that are not up to their potential due to years of neglect and abuse. Jr. and our home pastor’s brother in law John got some wiring done as well as finishing up on some playground equipment for the kids made from the old Kia axle. A merry go round and a helicopter. Busy about our Fathers busness, building bridges. Amen.  Lisa is stateside right now for a medical check and visit family.

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