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Friday, June 3, 2016


Weee... A week ago I opted to have new belts put on the old kia. I was at the dealer servicing and repairs on new kia and bought them because quality is hard to find. I had Alberto drop the old kia off at a mech to put them on. They had a difficult time for some reason. Picked up truck and did not drive it 20 miles before the radiator fell out hit the fan and ruined radiator, belts, fan, fan clutch, pulley, cut wiring ect. While fixing also found motor mount bad and frame cracked. In all near 700 dollars in repairs... some people have a midas touch... well my touch does just the opposite.
Oh well such is life .. need old kia in good running order when medical team gets here in a few weeks to be able to move crew about. Need 2 vehicles for 30+ people plus lots of gear... early in month so had funds... but its going to hurt by the time team arrives in 3 weeks.
Offered help, gear and advice get heavy rocks out of a hole Alberto was digging for a septic cistern. They had several big rocks weighing 1000lbs or more. They knew about heating them with old tires on fire then rapid cooling to break them into smaller rocks. But still needed to lift 500lb pieces out of a 12 foot hole. We set kia up as a crane and used the chain hoist to lift out several thousand pounds of rocks. Dirty job working after burned tires... my job sit, watch, advise and make sure no one dies...or ruins my truck. All turned out well. They dig 50 to 70 feet down like this for water wells here.
A medical eyeglass team will arrive in a few weeks. We are also excited about the 10th anniversary of LaCruz Baptist church this month. Several churches will be at the Lighthouse to celebrate and baptize, preach and fellowship. Amen!
After 10 years the missionary providence of God still amazes me. The raven keeps coming into the wilderness. As we came to the end of last month money always runs out long before the month does. Was days without a bank deposit food running very low at the Children's Lighthouse and heading into a long USA weekend, so not much hope of anything till the 1st week of the month and bank is below min balance. Lisa is also still in USA looking to return soon. The same night a ministering saint bought her a return ticket... this morning another ministering saint bought food for the Lighthouse...The Holy Spirit answered prayers almost as they were prayed. Amen...
Waiting on the Lord goes against our sinful nature... but gives clarity from whence it comes and to whom the glory is due. Amen

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